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  1. I think most engineers like recording both direct and microphone signals. There's usually a phasing issue when blending the two but moving the mic a few inches away from the speaker cabinet fixes that. (A tip from Andy Johns!)
  2. Ridiculous track! Big, thick, fluid, crunchy guitar tones, crunchy-as-hell drums, a fast, driving rhythm and a badass guitar solo. So good. Love the change in the middle, too.
  3. Old thing I made in Lightwave 3D.
  4. Deieieieieieieieieieieieia! Happy birthday!
  5. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=14222
  6. Easiest way would be with something like this.
  7. Sixto

    RIP Teena Marie

    Noooooooo Teena Marie. RiP. One of my favorites:
  8. Try using a hi-pass filter at around 80Hz, make a considerable dip in the mids around 800Hz, and boost the 3-4KHz area. Try picking a kick sample that doesn't have alot of bass. In music like this, the bass is mostly filled with bass and guitars so the kick has to be pretty clicky for it to be heard.
  9. Sixto

    Comic books!

    My wishlist is overflowing! So many books! Are there any specific collections from X-Men or Wolverine I should look into? I remember being a fan of the X-Men (mostly Wolverine) as a kid but I'm not sure why as I don't recall ever reading any of those comics.
  10. Sixto

    Comic books!

    Yeeeeeeah, comic books! I recently started reading them again after Darkesword recommended Superman: Red Son, Superman: Last Son, and KotoR Volume 1. Since then I've also read Superman: Earth One, Batman: Long Halloween, started reading the rest of KotoR, The Walking Dead and All-Star Superman, and thanks to kittykar's ridiculously awesome Christmas gift, I've also started reading Preacher and Pilgrim TPBs. I really enjoy reading the Batman and Superman stories a whole lot and am looking for more of those along with any other books with good characters, art, and stories. What are you guys reading? What do you guys recommend? While I prefer reading TPBs, I wouldn't mind looking into newer single issue comics if it's something I'd really enjoy. So have at it, guys! Share your favorites and shoot me your suggestions! (Extra points if you post a pic of your giant collection!)
  11. Happy birthday, baller!
  12. Easily, the best brush library would be the Custom & Vintage SDX for Superior 2. Problem is, you can't use it unless you already have Superior 2.
  13. Happy birthday, Brosword! (Froge?!)
  14. Goooo how did I miss this! Happy birthday to you and your girly hips. Hope you got lots of nice scarves.
  15. Omnishpere or Nexus. I'm a preset kinda guy when it comes to synths.
  16. Could try Superior Drummer with a nice reverb. Not the newer 2.0 but the original Superior. It's discontinued so it may be hard to find but there is a Metal Foundry SDX expansion pack for Superior 2 that could also come close. BFD and BFD 2 could also probably sound like this. Listen to demos at their sites. BFD 2 Metal Foundry SDX for Superior 2
  17. Happy birthday, mister piano!
  18. YEEEEEAH Happy Birthday! (TFU3 wilrog, GO!)
  19. Okay, mine just shipped from Amazon. Should arrive on Friday. I had to cut back a little on spending this holiday since the extension to my house is costing so much. Still, hope you enjoy!
  20. This...is so awesome. I don't even know where to begin. From Jeff Lee in Irvine, CA. Thank you so much, Santa!
  21. Gonna give it a try for sure. Looks neat.
  22. Also probably my favorite Star Wars movie. RIP.
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