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    Sony PS3

    You forgot the God of Wars!
  2. Sixto


    I've been a Rodriguez fan since El Mariachi. This is gonna be soooo good.
  3. Only for that particular area and level I think. You get to play as the monk with the huge hat.
  4. God, I love that game so much. Surprised my PS3 controller isn't smashed to bits by now.
  5. Ohohoho, you'll be doing this plenty in the last 15-20 hours or so. Upgrading weapons and armor and spending crystal points gets crazy expensive and you'll want to make things as cheap as possible by using the right ammount of organic vs. mechanical components.
  6. Just finished the game! So awesome. Onto endgame!
  7. Me too! Even ran into a Behemoth King...FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU
  8. Not sure how many hours I've played, but I just hit chapter 6. This game is friggin amazing and the rendered cutscenes are breathtaking!
  9. I preordered the collector's edition guide at gamestop yesterday. Figured I'd just pay the extra money and not have to wait on it shipping from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.
  10. Whoa, cool! Gamestop has it for $35. Gonna order it from Amazon for sure. Edit: Looks like they've sold out because I can't find the Collector's Edition at all.
  11. Reserved and paid for. I'm pretty excited about it. This will be my first FF game aside from FFXI Online and Crisis Core.
  12. Yeah, there's a chance you won't be able to learn a thing. There's also a chance you'll do just fine. Weird, huh?
  13. Some of the greatest guitarists out there were self taught, including Jimmy Page, Jimmi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Steve Vai, Alan Holdsworth...I could go on and on. I taught myself how to play but I had already developed an ear for music from years of playing violin and piano. I wouldn't say the odds are against you at all, you'll just have to put more effort into learning the instrument without someone there to guide you. Anyway, I suggest you buy a nice chord book. I don't know if you have an Android phone, but there's a neat free app I just found called Guitar Scales. You put in your chord and mode and the scale comes up showing you every fret on the fretboard. I also suggest you start with chords. Learning the chord shapes and being able to switch between chords fast and cleanly. Learn your barred chords and know where to play them across the neck. You'll be developing your strength in your left hand so once you start learning lead guitar it'll be easier. PM me or look for me on #ocremix if you have any more questions.
  14. Yeah, I use that kind of synth lead most of the time and people usually don't like it.
  15. Mass Effect 2. Played it THREE times this past week, thanks to the snow that hit us. Didn't leave the house at all.
  16. Good lord, this track is awesome! Those rhythm guitars sound really meaty. Tight-as-hell playing on the riffs. Reminds me of Nekofrog's stuff. Wish the lead was a little louder, but awesome nonetheless. That whammy pedal/killswitch bit was so great, too. Make more of this stuff!
  17. Whoa, that's cool. Never knew that. Thanks for the heads up.
  18. I like Amazon. Plain MP3s. Oh yeah, Rhapsody is actually pretty cool, too. You pay like $7 a month or something and can listen to everything they have. But, if you wanna upload something to an MP3 player, you have to pay extra for each track.
  19. Luiza and Stevo kept referring to me as a "shredder" in OCAD, so I just went with it. Also: I love this stuff. Always loved drawing dragons as a kid.
  20. Oh man, and something like this would be awesome as part of the logo or something!
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