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  1. Brilliant and amazing for a tablet. Keep these coming.
  2. Beautiful. Just beautiful. You've got some set of mad piano skills there that are just unparalleled--intricate and rich. Keep these coming!
  3. Those just weren't really funny. Spaceballs, though, yes.
  4. I totally second what everyone else has said. This mix is full of flavor and character. I love how you fit so many different themes and ideas into it. Keep it up!
  5. Yeah, I've had similar problems by using Windows Explorer and copying files from my documents and putting them into the disc drive to write, except my comp tells me that there is actually no disc in the drive. I recommend Sonic DigitalMedia Plus. It allows you to burn all kinds of CDs from music, DVD and data CDs.
  6. BRILLIANT! Excellent. BEAUTIFUL That was...kinda the point of the "oldskool" bit. Princess Toadstool: Shiny like Oldskool I called her by her full name until I started playing Mario Party, which pretty much made "Peach" a household term.
  7. Fun mix you got here. I love how it starts to pick up at around 2:00 and the end just makes it all the more catchy. Keep these coming!
  8. I love the beat and the mix of instruments you have playing on this mix. And pixietrick's vocals do an awesome job of maintaining that haunting beauty even around that guitar, especially during the key change at around 2:40. Well done guys, keep it up!
  9. This is a great orchestral piece, rich in harmonies, full of emotion, great use of each section of the orchestra, and it never ceases to maintain the dark yet beautiful setting of FFVII. Keep these coming, Russel!
  10. Hello and nice to have you on the forums and I look forward to hearing your music. I love your sig, btw!! Haha!
  11. I have to reiterate: beautiful guitar work. It's reflective, original, and is certainly what I need on a chill sunday morning. It would also be useful to help me drift off to sleep after a busy day. I get this beautiful image of a sleepy pond in the middle of the woods with rays of sun shining through the trees or rather, images from the past, good memories...bottom line, this piece is wonderful and has the ability to touch all. Good work! Keep these coming and never stop strumming!
  12. I love the feel of this mix, that soaring feeling you get from the guitar and the percussion fits very well with it. Keep these coming and keep mixing, ilp0!
  13. It's been a while since I heard something from Neskvartetten, so it's good this mix came up. Once again, it does not disappoint staying with the mellow blues/jazz style, like the Link Goes to New Orleans mix. The classic theme on guitar is incorporated well with the rest of the ensemble and is enjoyable to have one while doing work. So yes, keep these coming!
  14. It's been a while since I've visited this thread. But yeah, hello and welcome to all new members, including those who are registering as we speak. Do stay a while and never forget to write reviews for the mixes that you have listened to, it's what I started doing when I first became a member, as a way to give back to the OCR community. Oh yeah, and aside from musical talents, you have plenty of oppurtunities to show off your other artistic talents as well via Rate that Sig and Fanart Competitions. Have fun and in the words of Arek, happy posting! See you on the forums!
  15. Best of luck and we'll always continue to listen to and love your mixes. Don't forget to come back and say hi every now and then though!
  16. This is one fun mix! I can definitely see Darunia dancing to this, haha (move over, Saria's Song)! Your choice of instrumentation really brought some extra life and a more defined melody to the original. Good work! Keep it up!
  17. The transition in the middle section is amazing. At first you have your rendition of Cid's theme and then slowly it builds to something so much more, and then before you know it, you're riding along with the current before you find yourself swept into the final section, that is not only catchy but so full of energy. There is such a huge difference between the beginning of the mix and the end, and it still fit so well together. To sum it up in one word: mileage. Awesome job, Star Salzman!
  18. This definitely ranks in the top three Tetris remixes I've heard. This is definitely material for the next Tetris. It's just so full of energy and does not disappoint throughout, and goes to prove that Tetris music can sound awesome in any genre, providing that it's mixed well, of course! Anyway, keep 'em coming, Reforged!
  19. Wow, I love this! You make great use of the full orchestra here, Random Hero! I cannot get over how amazing the string section is. And you incorporate the piano very well. Yup, this really is a top notch orchestral OCR. Keep it up!
  20. Wow. Just wow! The guitar is amazing and I love the smooth transition from this period of tranquility to that section around 2:15 where this haunting feeling just blankets mix while maintaining the utter beauty from the very beginning. And then it beautifully finishes off by getting back into the original guitar motif ending with a long triad, which leaves you with this subtle suspense for a couple seconds though it feels like so much longer, just to make sure it leaves a lasting effect on you. This is the best mix of yours I've heard, AmIEvil! True musical genius.
  21. Wow, this is one interesting mix. I love the percussion that goes with the dark melody and it kind of gives me an image of somebody skateboarding smoothly through a really dark corridor, kind of like in Kingdom Hearts II. Ultimately, it maintains its spooky image throughout. This is a great example of some awesome creativity you got there, Sine. Keep it up!
  22. I love the fast-paced urgency that's portrayed here, it really helps it stay true to the original. I also like the slight difference in rhythm of the beginning section of the main theme. The end is also sweet since the general mood of this mix just builds to that big "phew" you get at the end. Good work, Standby!
  23. Wow! This is BEAUTIFULLY done. From the very beginning, you immediately set the stage for the rest of the piece, how it gives the sense that it is fading in slowly from the shadows but proclaiming its full presence at the same time. Then you have these amazing but subtle shifts in mood, while still maintaining the same majestic undertone. And then at around 4:45, man oh man, those trills along with the improvization just make a perfect combination. I don't know how else to explain it. In short, this remix is an example of perfect use of dynamics and that is why it is so engaging throughout. Keep it up, Noir!
  24. I only recently got into unmod, it's insane. Some stuff is a bit too off the wall for my taste, but definitely a source for some good laughs. I don't have specific preferences in music, as long as it provokes a lot of thought and feeling.
  25. It wouldn't hurt to just pick it up and try! (Though the cost of full-size violins can be a bit hefty...) And you have a lot open to you with a violin, like how you can play in a jazz band or orchestra for brass instruments, you can join an orchestra with a violin as well as play the fiddle. Well, if you are willing, you don't know until you see for yourself! Good luck!
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