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  1. why are there only 3 users on this site? and who is cody? this needs publicity or it wont catch on.
  2. lol this thread... luigi, gaiz. my traction is terrible, im tall, and I like green. yes
  3. thats a pretty intimidating sound effect to go with the wave slade thing
  4. Nohbody

    Mother 3

    Someone help me im too busy to finish this
  5. It is sad indeed. those are about my worst three. I use only Lucas and the heavies. And the occasional mario. is it good ettiquite (sp?) to record a match on my laptop's webcam, because thats what I plan on using. I want to see what you people think of me... other than trolling dork of course and how do i spell ettiqueitte?
  6. Here's some Mother 3 sprites. Please tell me if I am doing it wrong. Claus "Human" Boney Kumatora not done yet, still have to rip these bitches myself EDIT: ive got to do homework and more importantly take a dump so this is gonna wait till tomorrow LT: Don't like Human Boney, but the other two are good to go.
  7. Hey so where do I go to find out how to add avatars to this site? Because Boney from mother 3 is in great need of being my avatar right now.
  8. yeah im kind of sick of hearing omg lets play aww you beat me when I know I cant join in because I dont have a wee
  9. ny dad lost his job so Christmas is going to be sort of depressing but its ok Im buying my own gifts: XBox 360 FF 13 (...when does it come out?) Fable 2 Ninja Gaiden 2 Call of Duty 4 the orange goddam box lol isnt this a fav/lists thread
  10. Sweet, comments. and you werent messing around when you said unlimited bandwidth, a 4 minute song just fully streamed in 20 seconds
  11. SoM gets easier when you play it with real people. The AI was the worst part of the otherwise pristine game. Is it just me or is the girl the most prone to getting stuck behind objects?
  12. sorry for double post but i just want to emphasize that this is awesome and needs to be advertised more. maybe a banner with a link? and is the rating system private? or does it average the ratings from all users. because that would be awesome
  13. i love this, not even 25 posts in and atomicthumbs is already more useful than I will ever be =D good job man EDIT:...but I cant hear anything regardless of buttons I press. help? pssh nevermind firefox was blocking the popups from the site
  14. i just get thrown off when eveything doesnt freeze for half a second when I get a knee/ dair with falcon/ganon in melee.
  15. I didnt realize nintendo had incorporated such fail into their game. arent there awards for that sort of thing?
  16. what were the events leading up to diologue in the audition piece? im just curious
  17. shut up noob haha yeah its kind of hard to find, but its there alright, not your mistake tho so hay whats up
  18. was that yahtzee voice acting at the end? he did an awesome job at it. he needs to be in some cartoon somewhere
  19. I cant register, it said that every one of my 4 email addresses didnt exist
  20. Nohbody

    Mother 3

    sorry gt. why arent there spoiler tags, does it cost extra or something?
  21. Nohbody

    Mother 3

    glitch maybe? I think weve all been here so eff spoilers
  22. why did you leave? I'm still working on Phantasia. I like it, although I still hate random encounters.
  23. Hay, that mellow part that you dont know how to come out of? Put a marching band drum solo in. Im not kidding.