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  1. I always love Game Over tracks, sure the mixing is a bit spotty, but the arrangement and soul is second to none. Their vocals are often polarizing, and I happen to be in the camp that loves them. While the drums are far from sequenced perfection that OCR is all too used to, I found them to not be a distraction.
  2. I have a feeling this thing is going to do as well as the Gameboy Micro. Not well.
  3. always explore your erotic fantasies via videogame characters
  4. Danimal Cannon wants to claim Concrete Jungle.
  5. Isolate and record lead track. Manually waveform edit so that they are at an even BPM (nsf stuff is always a little off). Upload to ipod Run Ipod into recording interface. Try to press play at the exact correct moment when the click track tells you to start, it only takes like 50 tries for each song.
  6. I present MEGAMAN 3 IF WRITTEN BY MICROSOFT First track: Hardman Likes The Soft Merengue #2: Snakeman Night Fever #threeve: Proto In Tha Club (this one was particularly hard to make sound OK) #4ive: Do The Sparkman Twist! hahahaha I can't believe I actually did this.
  7. My keyboardist could do this. He knows all of those themes and SFX like the back of his hand.
  8. Get awesome at your instruments and composition. Obviously a variety of styles. Don't fake it, we can tell. Get awesome at production. MONEY DOES NOT = AWESOME PRODUCTION. I can make some fabulous sounding material using a few key things. I also know that I could spend thousands and thousands of dollars and get negligibly better results, or worse results. You might have an amazing arrangement, but if your production sounds amateur, then your song sounds amateur off the bat to 95% of your listeners. People WILL NOT take you seriously if your production sucks. After you have mastered these trials you can start worrying about the "business contacts" portion.
  9. I believe Temp Sound Solutions, This Place Is Haunted, and Pieness are performing at this.
  10. Be careful to not confuse information for cloning as in Dolly the sheep with molecular cloning which is the isolation and modification of DNA sequences in tubes.
  11. Oh god that video was from 2006. That was like, 2 bass players ago
  12. While I love X through X-3, I consider every other game that aren't those or the original 6 to be a stain on the name Megaman
  13. I tried reading the last couple pages of this thread, but apparently you guys only know how to talk about shitty megamans
  14. and especially on how the guitar hero drums are better 9 times outta 10
  15. This guy has got to be a pundit right?
  16. Tha Sauce has fun contests like ALL THE TIME. The best song on OverLooked Remix is probably Jeuse Belmont by Shael Riley. That is all.
  17. plugman ftw. No cutscenes, no Bass, no Beat, no Duo PLEASE.
  18. I've found my own album on that site and 20 others like it.
  19. I did. Was I supposed to think he was some sort of drum god afterwards?
  20. Just for the record I don't care what Gene Hoglan has done in the past but the drums on the Dethalbum are absolutely boring, and I've heard some live footage from this tour where his kick drum rhythm in particular sounds pretty amateur. Why does everybody totally blow their load over this guy?
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