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  1. Anyone know of any good ones? I googled it, and it took me to an old thread on this forum but most of the download links were dead...also that was back from 2009, so things may have changed since then.
  2. this thread is amazing. i never even realized the sample in that one tonedeff track.
  3. Ripple Boogie is probably my favorite. Good stuff man.
  4. "the" is an easy word to miss go find the real world equivalent then i'll take the attractive ladies
  5. factually incorrect i disagreed with your statement that tp had good art direction.
  6. i love all subsections equally i just dont show it
  7. I believe this woman has an agenda
  8. I disagree. I can't be the only one who thinks that's hideous. And before you say it, imagine if she didn't have boobs. Yes, she would still be ugly. The art design is really a large part of why I couldn't appreciate Twilight Princess. Colin with his massive forehead didn't do much for me. The plot also pales in comparison to Majora's Mask, and I can say make that comparison because TP tried really hard to be edgy and mature. I don't think it succeeded. And to the guy who bumped this thread, damn you for getting my hopes up.
  9. you don't have to add the dubbyness. honestly i think it's cool when artists do things their fans don't want them to necessarily be doing because it's not what they usually do. just as long as you don't go the way of linkin park, you know.
  10. I can't play an FPS that doesn't allow me to invert the y-axis and move my gun like an airplane. I don't even know how I got into that habit, but I just can't stand pushing up to move the gun up. Just can't. Also I have to agree with developers overusing bloom. If I remember right Ratchet: Deadlocked gave me pretty much migraines everytime I played because there'd be this dreary landscape with dreary sky and and then there's this huge bright ass light way in the background. Most early Wii games had too much bloom, too. Twilight Princess's Wolf Stages and Metroid Prime 3 immediately come to mind. And most importantly there needs to be an option to turn the voice acting off, no matter how good you developers might think it is. I don't think I've ever truly felt comfortable playing an RPG with voice acting, just because of all the fictional weird stuff the characters are talking about that nobody aside from the player would understand. I was always way too insecure about my video games.
  11. Sonic got scrapped huh? Sega's gon be pissed. I'll get around to listening to all it, but for the moment I did the obligatory one track taste test and it's pretty awesome. For some strange reason the Kirby track makes me want to...go shopping.
  12. They revealed this project a long time ago. Anyway, here's hoping it turns out to be more like the redone tracks on the OoT album and not like the rest of the stuff there.
  13. yes because the bad dudes definitely need extra publicity
  14. Put the (ff7 album) part at the beginning of your title, it'll attract ADD kids such as myself much better.
  15. No it's not. What's inaccurate is her being crippled by it decades later. And it's just a shitty plot device in general. Also whoever showed that scene to the poor war vet and asked him dumb questions is an asshole.edit: oh sorry, didnt read the post right above this one. still, if it's not canon...
  16. Personally, I wouldn't propose through a game that your girlfriend doesn't really play. Unless it was a shared passion of both of yours, you know, and you're both really into it, then it would be adorable and stuff. But I dunno...I obviously don't know your girlfriend as well as you do. Just figured someone needed to play the opposite side of your dilemma.
  17. ACTUALLY NO SCRATCH THAT im retarded. it's the first song on their album that is named "eye of the storm". my bad.
  18. This is really nice! I thought I'd point out though, someone advertised an album with the exact same name on OCR a few months ago. Not that it really matters, I just figured it was worth mentioning.
  19. I can't tell if the author is trolling or if he really does get tripped up over spilled milk. Some people are strange.
  20. there are so many phrases we use that are technically wrong that there's no point in pointing them out. being correct is boring. there is no such thing as heartbreak thats just your brain dying for that lovely love feeling and it not being able to get it because the lovely love and all the neuro chemicals associated with it aren't there anymore. therefore we should call it going cold turke- wait what does abstaining from drugs have anything to do with turkeys
  21. didn't sell graphics were too babyish
  22. Huh. The first time I saw that Pokemon I thought it was this gen's bidoff or something. Or maybe the cute cuddly mouse creature that is (generally) electric.
  23. Usually I don't like Metal. Like, at all. Too much noise. But damn this was hella good. Perhaps there is hope for my taste in music. The piano was a nice touch. wow that was terribly written MAKE MORE please i would very much appreciate that edit: i was sitting on youtube, waiting for the state of the union to start, bored out of my mind. i decided to listen to this in the mean time, and once the song started obama walked out and it was amazing just thought you should know
  24. i dont know how to respond to thisdont worry, i dont do voodoo.
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