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  1. Happy Birthday, Coop! Always enjoy your sigs!

  2. I LOVE "Lightspeed"! Who is going to be hosting the songs? SuperiorX? OCR? Darke?
  3. It's not all of it, but whatever: http://vgmixarchive.com/
  4. SO PUMPED! Sonic music deserves the love. The map is a stage select, so the music on the map itself would not qualify, since it's not a zone per se. However, if he chooses Planet Wisp, he has access to all of those stages. They are all mostly the same, with minor differences in each stage.
  5. Nice arrangement, but production quality is where you are hurting. Several instruments are on the quiet end. Try boosting them on the mixing side. The drums sound really low-res, try to find another drum sample. All I could think of for now. Keep it going!
  6. How about something like this: http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02028/
  7. That...actually looks fun. Could SEGA actually make a decent new IP? No, I must remain cynical...must remain cynical...
  8. If Jewbei sent a finished song to DarkeSword then it could be included in the final package. That's what he told Zircon.
  9. I installed this on the Mac, assigned my username and OCR's team number, and it says that it's folding, but I don't see anything on the OCR stat page. Do I have to wait or something?
  10. Links would be nice. Like this: Door into Summer -
  11. Something more unique on OCR. And it's from Pokemon Snap. I'm looking forward to this. It took way too long for the intruments to kick in. Either cut the intro significantly or introduce more instruments earlier. I would stick with the latter option. As for the instruments, they're mostly fine, but I want to wait for the final mix before commenting further. Also, it's easy to tell the bird sounds were from a looping pre-made sample, since I heard the same chirp at least five times. Their has to be a million other bird sounds out there, so search for more unique samples to add to what you already have (or you could record it yourself). Lower the prominence of the nature sounds as the instruments kick in, since they tend to overtake the instruments.
  12. Happy birthday you two. Also it's Danny B's birthday too according to OCR Twitter (aka Larry).
  13. Dammit, now I have to listen!
  14. I believe The Megas actually did the music for one of the (now cancelled) Mega Man Universe trailers. I wouldn't oppose an OCR label, but I think it would have to play safe with only original music.
  15. In case you were wondering: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=25764
  16. The update is definitely an improvement overall. The drums in the beginning still have too much prominence, but I think that has to do with the empty soundscape rather than mixing issues. I say keep the drums as is until you fully pan out the rest of the arrangement. The synth you use starting at 3:40 is rather sub-par. If you can replace that with something better, it would add to the quality of the mix. At 3:10 the song just dies. That's not recommended. See if you could keep it alive by having one or two instruments transition between the two pieces. This mix has great potential. Keep working on it, and you might learn something.
  17. There is a 75% chance I will go to this. Sad I can't go to PAX, but this is a wonderful substitute! EDIT: I'm open for either times, but what does everyone else prefer?
  18. My advice: Replace the pure chiptunes with something else, especially in the beginning. Single track Chip sounds alone (especially with Lavender town) are very grating to the ears. I'm dubstep tolerant, so just a few more wubs wouldn't hurt. It sounds really empty, but also a WIP, so I'll let it pass until the full song is completed! Keep it up. Remixing this source successfully is a badge of honor few can acquire.
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