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  1. What songs do you remember from 2 years ago? How about 3? 5? 10? I barely remember most that crap, and only remember some of the better songs. History does the same thing. Filter out the crap, and leave behind the better stuff. By the way, the song posted on the first page is NO WHERE NEAR the Billboard Top 100.
  2. Yay! Also, I didn't know this until today, but my Senator Marco Rubio, who co-sponsored PIPA, pulled his support from the bill. Poor guy just wanted to search something on Wikipedia.
  3. I'm like the only person in here who has not played or heard the soundtrack to Chrono Trigger (I only know Frog and Robo's theme), but already I feel a nice "time" motif coming from this song. Sax is pretty nice. I would also like to add that you are one of the few people to use choral synths in a way that does not make me want to rip my hair. This better be on OCR soon.
  4. I don't trust anyone absolutely, but yeah if this gets on the floor the internet will pummel this bill to the ground.
  5. This is why I came into politics. Someone has to tell the assholes they're doing it wrong.
  6. Got the game. It was fun and a good distraction. Rather innovative concept, a nice mix between Tetris, Bejeweled (or whatever kind of game is that Pokemon puzzle game on the Game Boy), and Scrabble. Got the soundtrack. Nice and electric! Congrats on the game getting in the Top 25 on Day 1!
  7. I sincerely hope that we can play as Tails ALONE in the upcoming title. Having the sidekick is nice, but I love my broken flying character.
  8. My father RARELY drinks beer (he's more of a martini and wine kind of guy), but his favorite beer has to be Dos Equis or Sam Adams. At least that's what's in the fridge. I have no inclination to drink beer or any type of alcohol at this point, but once I turn 21 I'll probably buy something my father or friends recommend.
  9. Off the top of my head, I say check anything by AkumajoBelmont, Jillian Aversa or DragonAvenger. They have nice songs with vocals in them. Also great is some of the tracks off of Mattias Haggstrom Gerdt's The Answer Armored Core tribute album, with vocals from the latter two singers above. Some good rap includes Nairobi Hop on the Super Dodge Ball album. Some good vocals on the NiGHTS album, too. Of course, don't limit yourself to vocal-only tracks. I LOVE vocals, but most of my songs have no vocals in them.
  10. Look it up on Wikipedi...Oh wait!
  11. Wait, why the hell is Ted Deutch and Debbie Wasserman Schultz (2 of the local congress members in the heavily gerrymandered state of Florida) in favor of SOPA? And since Schultz is the current chair of the DNC, she has considerable power on members voting Yea or Nay... EDIT: Senator Nelson as well? I need to start calling these members STAT!
  12. btw Wikipedia still works on the iPhone. Oh well... I have a theory as to why Obama is not outright opposing it yet. If the House and Senate do pass the bills (and the Senate looks likely to pass it), then Obama will probably veto the compromise bill. He will be praised for "saving internet freedom," boosting his re-election campaign. Plus he can call out some of the Republican presidential candidates who may consider supporting these bills. Just a theory though...
  13. That...was actually pretty good. And Gravitysuitcollector beat me to the Got Milk Mario commercial...
  14. I heard this too! That's awesome to see NPR highlighting the video game music community. I might actually intern at NPR this summer. If I do, I will try my hardest to highlight OCRemix somehow.
  15. Happy birthday to two of the most admirable remixers on my iTunes library!
  16. If I may add Radiant Historia to the list. I think that game does not get enough love! The Portal series's soundtrack, especially Portal 2, gets my vote. Super Mario Galaxy does have phenomenal music. Sword and Sworcery EP has a terrific soundtrack! It's iOS exclusive, but its still great. Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword's music is pretty great. Can we get some Super Meat Boy and Binding of Issac love? Sonic Colors has decent music, I guess. I wasn't a huge fan, but it works for me. Cave Story <3. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: Anamanaguchi made the game for me when I played a demo of it. OKAMI: I bought it partially because of the music alone (that and Chuggaaconroy's LP of it)
  17. The main character in Mother. I think that the arrangement is fine. Nice drums, though they may be overpowering at times IMO, and the guitars are are pretty solid in my book. There's what sounds like strings throughout the piece, and they are hardly noticeable when the guitars are roaring. Don't know if the judges will knock you on that.
  18. Interesting take on this. Obviously, the tin whistle needs a LOT of work to be a part of this track. There were many points where it was either off sync with the song, or stuck out like a sore thumb. Better mixing and a re-recording of the whistle may improve this. Also, there were some points where it was clear the guitar was not natural. I don't have a fix for this, sorry. Could anyone else comment on this? This sounds like a promising track!
  19. How chippy! Yet again I am impressed. It's very reminiscent of Super Meat Boy's music Overall good choice of instruments. The main synths (aka the main melody of the piece) do need some more love, so bring them up a little in the mixing. MAYBE bring down the percussions just a little bit. Short, but can't wait to hear the extensions.
  20. 1. Why do you think so many people submit and share their remixes to OCR? Some do it for the attention. Some do it to prove their musical talent. Some use this place to hone their skills and develop as an artist. Some search for work. 2. Why do YOU do it? While there is a 2% chance that I will actually pursue a career in music (domestic policy is my forte), it is a hobby for me. If I get posted here, the roadblocks for becoming a legitimate musician are almost completely destroyed.
  21. I listen to your music way too much as well (see most played list thread). I personally skip the music I've made, but then again that number is extremely small.
  22. So according to iTunes... 1. Megaman X2 - Beamsabre Beat ZERO (version 2) - Darkesword (41) 2. Megaman 2 - For You - AkumajoBelmont (32) 3. Sonic 3 & Knuckles - Red Sphere, Blue Sphere - B. Briggs (31) 4. Megaman 3 - Blue Lightning - Disco Dan (28 ) (Even with 8+ minutes) 5. LoZ: Link's Awakening - Waking the Fish - WillRock (28 ) 6. Tails and the Music Maker - Picolescence - zircon (25) 7. Super Mario 64 - Fleeting Ecstacy - B. Briggs (24) (The first remix I downloaded) 8. LoZ: Link's Awakening - Braving Tal Tal Heights - Disco Dan (23) 9. Super Mario RPG - Bobble Head Inspiration - Nex (22) 10. Streets of Rage - Bare Knuckle Blitz - WillRock (22)
  23. In the event that the private album is released in that time, we could wait until 2015, the 15th anniversary of Banjo-Tooie. Also, I thought it would make this album super legit if Rare's Grant Kirkhope, the musician for the Banjo-Kazooie series and friend of OCR, were to take part in this project. He was on Overclocked After Dark a while ago, so he can't be THAT hard to recruit.
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