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  1. I love the title of this song, just sayin'. The intro could be cut in half, it goes on for somewhat long, and gets boring. *disappears into the tall grass*
  2. Nonamer

    E3 2012

    Don't know if someone else made a thread about E3 yet, because the search function on the site is broken if you search for something under 4 letters. Anyways... This thread shall be for E3 2012 news in general. As unique or exclusive news comes out, post it here. Of course, if there is already a thread for a game or system, by all means post there instead. What do people expect out of E3 this year? I'm mostly curious about the Wii U and Assassins Creed, but I'm also scouting out for interesting 3DS titles.
  3. As Mirby stated, chances are the same person who insulted you is either gone or has grown up into a more sensible being. Also, re-read the forum rules and guidelines. If someone does this to you, notify a moderator like DarkeSword and they can handle the situation. You shouldn't be posting insults or make any derogatory statements towards someone in return. Please note that someone disagreeing with you is not the same as someone hating or insulting you. Also, just an FYI: all talk about religion and politics has its own category. So you don't have to worry about politics invading the main focus of the site (games and music). EDIT: I totally thought this was going to be a Minecraft thread.
  4. Just bought the bundle. I can FINALLY play Bastion and Psychonauts. Plus I might as well play Amnesia and Limbo. I played S&S on my iPad. It enjoyed it on that platform. I'll try it on PC and compare the difference. Oh and the music is amazing too!
  5. Whenever we have parties at my house, we usually play the UltraChilled series. Nice ambient music.
  6. Step 1: Upload to other services such as Soundcloud, Tindeck, or Box. Youtube has less than ideal quality audiowise. Step 2: The echoes have to go. On a stage the natural echoes are fine, but a capella and in recording keep it to a minimum. Step 3: ???? Step 4: PROFIT!
  7. Just curious...what tempo are you looking for? Slow or fast?
  8. Just voted. I'm thinking of writing a blog about this contest, reviewing each individual track. I might do that after the contest ends for fairness.
  9. BIG kudos to whoever did the Johnny C. Bad remix. You automatically earned an extra point in my book. I'm surprised there is no remix of this song yet (curse you Terra's Theme!!!!). I'll listen to these tomorrow at work. Might as well kill the time doing something.
  10. As some of you may know, for the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda series, Nintendo is having a live orchestra touring the world. One of the places it will be touring at is Wolftraphere near the DC/VA area. Since I know many of you guys and gals live near the area, I thought it would be an excuse to have an OCRemix meetup sometime before, during, and/or after the event. Information, seats, and prices for the event can be found here: http://www.wolftrap.org/Home/Find_Performances_and_Events/Performance/12Filene/0726show12.aspx If you are simply interested or will absolutely attend this event, reply to this topic or send me a PM. Let's try to have a decent showing!
  11. I'm thinking of getting a 3DS. I'm waiting for some used systems to become available at my local Gamestop later in June ($150 for a 3DS is not a bad deal for me). So far, the only games that pique my interest are Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Zelda 3D, and maybe Kid Icarus: Uprising. The upcoming games look interesting, but I'm wondering if its worth investing in it now, or should I wait for the better titles to come out and the price to drop again... Any suggestions?
  12. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed that. MORE!
  13. I can only hope this will last longer than the photoshopping Stevo over terrible things...
  14. Here it is, my first attempt at a remix. After a year and a half, I finally get around to making music of my own. And it's most likely horrid. Of course, the fact that I have only a few week's worth of piano training doesn't help me. I decided to remix Big Giant Circles' Puzzlejuice - Casual Mode, mainly because it's not a complex song to rearrange melodically and the fact that it's incredibly catchy. I wrote down and played all the notes by ear. I know that the arrangement is REALLY bare (it's just the main melody), since I'm still learning how to play piano cords (this might take a while). I want you guys to comment on the production value of the songs. Does the piano sound fine? If not, how can I improve it (I haven't even touched the settings on Logic)? Is there distortion/audio glitches that need to be fixed? Is the song too loud? Have at me. The dropbox links to my "song" can be found here. It's available in aif, mp3, and m4a, with the latter two having a bit rate of 192kbps. Thanks!
  15. I know. That's why I want you to try and re-make the original. Also, does anyone else have a problem with Sir Jordanius's track where it just skips to the end halfway through?
  16. That scene crept the fuck out of me when I first saw that movie. I should look for that VHS... Downloading the songs now. Good thing I have campus internet when no one's around! EDIT: Wildfire totally missed the opportunity to title her track ZWNED...
  17. I think I would enjoy this game more if I knew any Japanese... Do you know if this game will come out in the US?
  18. I have an idea for a bonus round/challenge. Remix your theme with Sonic 4: Episode II. EDIT: Ninja'd!
  19. Woah! I was not expecting something of such high caliber. Very nice on the arrangement end. Personally, I loved the arrangement, and every instrument works well with each other. Although my only concern is that I could see nitpicking is that the song is trying to do too much, and at certain points you change the pace and intensity of the piece too quickly. But that's it really. Submit this and forever live in glory. EDIT: How the hell did you make that in Logic? What software/plug-ins do you use? I've been looking for a decent orchestral pack for a while.
  20. So I finally got my keyboard, so now I am ready to begin arranging my first remixes. Before I dive head first into a realm I barely know anything about, I would like to hear some examples of what to do and what not to do with piano-only remixes. If possible, I would like the links to some of the judges' decisions on piano-only remixes, both YES's and NO's. Also, would any Logic users know where to find the more-realistic sounding built-in piano samples? The best I found were the Concert Grand Pianos under the orchestral section. If those don't work, any suggested free Logic plug-ins? EDIT: Grammar are good.
  21. Never heard of this game. The songs sound remix-able though! Unfortunately, I can only deliver with mellow sounds, so I'll pass on this one.
  22. Excellent job by everyone. I will be honest, some of the votes were really close. So close that I voted in favor of the source I want to hear more of. Can't wait to hear some from the PINGAS bracket.
  23. What the hell did you do to get Rick *bleeping* Scott to boot you out? I don't think I can make this, but being a Florida resident and a Nerdy Show fan, I feel obliged to take some vacation time and visit. Just curious, anyone driving from South Florida the day before?
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