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  1. It's a shame Sixto was taken out. I still want to hear his remix.
  2. Calming. Nice song to do homework with. I like a lot! Listen to what everyone has to say about the drums. They do overpower the song. The song does seem a little empty IMO, but given the source you don't want to have the song being too intense. See if you can squeeze in a little more ambiance. Aside from that, I have no complaints. When your done, give it a mod review!
  3. Or it could be that Game Freak pays no attention to story whatsoever. Makes more sense to me.
  4. I literally just did this for a public speaking last week. I gave a lecture and described OCR as a community that fosters quality VGM music (gave the example of the Aversa's and Soul Caliber V, too)!
  5. I totally commented on it too. The Undernet theme from 2 would be a pretty good scary remix...
  6. Don't forget Battle Chip Challenge. That game had some awesome music too: http://youtu.be/PG0SzXX7HTI
  7. Lucky! You get to share your birthday with Nobuo Uematsu! Happy Birthday, man!
  8. I hope to work on this series one day...I really do.
  9. No harm done. Are you going to finish that song?
  10. I vote for Zircon Voting now so that I don't forget. All the tracks are awesome thus far! EDIT: Though seriously, nice job Neblix.
  11. Fact: your "dance party" sig is from the only Doctor Who episode I've ever watched. I know, it's bad...

  12. Happy Birthday!

  13. SEMI-IMPORTANT On this week's (March 11th) Nitro Game Injection (KyleJCrb and Liontamer's show), Grant Kirkhope himself will be their guest. Since there should also be a chat feature alongside it, it might be a great opportunity to bump the project.
  14. It's probably going to be like the Shank series, trying so hard to be badass that it forgets to stop take itself seriously.
  15. This looks a little too close to Brutal Legend for my comfort. I don't know about this game. I can't take it seriously.
  16. I wonder if the main character is fighting on the American or British side. From what we've seen so far, he seems to be a rebel, but it could be that he is technically neutral, like in the first game (Altair was of Arab descent but killed members of both sides).
  17. Oooooh! This is cool. I can understand why you would be concerned with realistic piano pieces in your other thread. In all honesty, it sounds like a solo piano piece to me. Almost reminds me of C418's remix. I'm getting some distortion all throughout the song. Of course, I have crappy headphones and a loud speaker. The measure of the same note(s) at :16, :24 was a little unnecessary IMO. At around 2:24, when it gets soft, I honestly thought you were going to do either the Song of Time or the Call of the Giants from Majora's Mask. GREAT START! I might comment later as well.
  18. And now the 503rd remix of Green Hill... Nice rock recreation of the classic intro stage. Perhaps too close. As Bardic mentioned, the solo was WAY too short, and the remix in general is pretty conservative. I could see the judges pounding you for this. I think your instruments and your mixing were well done, but then again I have crappy headphones...
  19. That would probably be better storytelling than all of the games COMBINED!
  20. ...When iTunes is updated (I have meetings during most of OCAD now...)
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