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  1. But what came out of it was one of my favorite Rozo songs!
  2. I can sing (baritone), but I'll need a better mic (my mother does have a recording studio though). I'm not so great at lyrics, but I occasionally can pull off some decent lyrics. Consider me if orangedragan's stuff doesn't work for you. EDIT: typing on an iPad shouldn't be this hard!
  3. I cannot stop watching this... (based on Richard Dawkin's book by the same name)
  4. Square was fine with this apparently...I'd say you would be OK.
  5. This...is actually pretty good. I may come around to downloading it. The world can never have enough Sonic remixes (well, maybe Ice Cap...).
  6. That actually made me laugh! Many women in video games are over-sexualized in an attempt to appeal to a predominately male audience. This is irrefutable. What change must occur to repair this image issue is the point of this discussion. This is especially true since the number of females calling themselves "gamers" have risen dramatically.
  7. 1 1/2 HOURS LEFT TO GET THIS AWESOME PACKAGE! Seriously, This is a pretty sweet deal!
  8. Wow. This blew up faster than the killer studio chops thread. I think Extra Credits had two really good episodes on the issue. http://penny-arcade.com/patv/episode/sex-in-games http://penny-arcade.com/patv/episode/sexual-diversity
  9. It's been a while since I posted on this one...I would say that my previous issue with the track has been fixed. Normally don't like dubstep, but the sound effects make that section 50X better! I agree with what Cash and Change said about the intro. Sounds much better than what my memory recalls of your previous take.
  10. I would LOVE to study to the Okami Soundtrack. Good recommendation!
  11. Now the OCAD server can finally have what it deserves: A true to scale golden dick statue.
  12. Oooooo! A nice soft sounding mix. I like it a lot. I remember watching a Let's Play of this game a while back. It really is obscure, and hopefully more people will remix this soundtrack.
  13. I can't believe I didn't start this thread earlier. I need some good songs for studying. When I study in the library, I listen to a lot of tracks from the Threshold of a Dream (Links Awakening) album, since there are many piano or low key pieces in that album. Also for some reason, Disco Dan tracks work for me... On a non-game related note, I suggest listening to your local NPR station at night, since it's all soft orchestra or jazz (at least my stations are). EDIT: Also, the Crayon Physics Deluxe soundtrack is pretty good as well. It's only 3 songs, but still.
  14. Is it barred absolutely I don't know, but I would HIGHLY discourage it. Especially if you are just going to chop up the melody and want to add new rhythms. The judges frown upon something that sounds too close to the original.
  15. It was nice meeting Xarnax. I would definitely say he's a great guy to hang with. Also damn good at Tetris.
  16. Well, this is interesting. It does meet the definition of trance for me. Although for me it was a bit conservative with the source. Whenever the source wasn't playing, it was this (dare I say it) generic trance beat and sound. I would love it if you played your own spin to the source, maybe adding harmonies or taking the source in a different direction at random points. A good trance example of proper source usage and having your spin on it would be DigiE's Trance Turnabout or anything by bLiNd. I personally did not like the single bass drum kick for the first (and last) 8 measures. I felt it was WAY too long and monotonous, not to mention empty. Add some diversity to the kicks (in other words don't make it all quarter notes) or get rid of 4 measures and I may change my mid about it. Good start, but needs plenty of work. Keep it up.
  17. I'm here in DC. I'd be cool with meeting ya! Reply or PM me the details.
  18. Welcome! It's great that EC is sending over new members. You might be interested to know that Sephfire (Daniel from the show) is a ReMixer himself. Start Mixin'.
  19. I should be sleeping, but this is too important not to post. As many of you know, Nerdy Show is a show about comics, video games, movies, and other nerdy stuff. They frequently play OCR songs and pimp out the latest albums (their Pokemon RPG, Balls of Steelix, use several tracks from the Missingno album). It is also considered the unofficial sister podcast to Overclocked After Dark. Recently, Hex announced that Michael Pandel, aka Triforce Mike, was severely injured when he was hit by a car while riding his bike. I'll let Hex say the rest: Here is the main thread on the Nerdy Show forums: http://www.nerdyshow.com/forums/topic.php?id=1332 There is also a planned tribute episode. If anyone wants to submit an audio clip of their condolences they can do so here: http://www.nerdyshow.com/forums/topic.php?id=1334 A sad day in the world of fan-dom... EDIT: There is a planned tribute album by Dj RoboRob, with proceeds going to the family. More info here: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=309490279102096&id=109251422459317&__user=1081114818
  20. It's not an OCR album, but I finally recently found the Essence of Lime project after wondering where it was for an entire year. Still need to download Unsung Heroes. I have the space, but I need to un-clutter my music library.
  21. Its...pretty good. I like the concept and arrangement, but there are some things about it that I have reservations. In the beginning there is one particular synth that is not only grating to the ear at first, but also completely drowns out the rest of the song. When the song becomes more intense, it's applied in a more balanced manner, but in calmer parts it definitely stands out. Also, beware of repetition. The synth I was referring to before goes on for the ENTIRE SONG. There may have been others. The judges have a tendency of NO'ing for that specifically. I personally think you should boost the bass drum-thingy (I am so unqualified). It feels weak at certain points. Keep this on Mod Review until you get feedback from at least two more people more qualified than me.
  22. *Looks at trailer* *Facepalms* *Plays Mega Man Battle Network*
  23. Nonamer

    Game culture

    The economist recently did a special report on the growth of gaming worldwide. http://www.economist.com/blogs/babbage/2011/12/special-report-video-games Also, Extra Credits had a few episodes concerning this topic. http://penny-arcade.com/patv/episode/gamer
  24. Back when I was about eleven or twelve years old, my parents got a DVD called Animusic. We sat down to watch it, and I was blown away with how amazing the graphics and the songs were. This was around 2003 btw, so back then this was high-res stuff. I was especially amazed when I found out it was basically made by two guys. Looking back, the synths they used are decent (all instruments were MIDI), but for me the visuals and the music still take me back, even in this age of 1080p. I recently bought Animusic 2, which is phenomenal in my book. Any thoughts on this? Some examples of their work: Resonant Chamber: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGUQieY5jGA Harmonic Voltage: Pipe Dream:
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