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  1. I plan on heading a Golden Sun Project, but I would prefer that I post a remix first before I start it. I have too much on my plate as is.
  2. Someone do this! You should compile and release some of your originals. Or wait until you post on OCR so that you could release an album on the "community" forum instead of the "post your originals"!
  3. Who know Sephiroth could be DANCE LIKE NO ONE CARES! Also, the track is a little too loud from my computer. My volume was a third of the way up and my sister complained from the next room over (she doesn't like my preference of music so much). A little short, but I'm used to longer, so what do I know. I did notice that the ending was a little abrupt, so I'm assuming your doing more work on this. Don't know if the judges will appreciate the change in musical style as is, but I think it's fine. I'm sure as you lengthen the track it will only get better and better. DigiE has yet to disappoint me. Look forward to the final post.
  4. Alright let me take a crack at this... Pretty cool song. I like the concept! It starts slow and serious, and progresses to a more intense atmosphere. Very Cool! As with your Splash Woman mix, while the arrangement of the song is great, production is where there are dents. The drums IMO is much better than your other mix, but glance over it again and try to make it sound more natural (i.e. like it didn't come from Ye Olde Drum Machine store). Electronic instruments are fine, and since your not submitting to OCR you don't have to worry about others being judgemental about your choice. Nice orchestral strings, too. The bass could sound more natural, but it's decent as is. There was an instrument (I'm guessing electric guitar) from 0:40 until 1:40 that kind of sounds like a metal guitar being aborted. Either replace it with something better, find another instrument, or delete it entirely. Good mixing, yet again, will drastically improve this. Just make sure that the appropriate instruments have the right amount of prominence. Some of your percussion instruments tended to have too much attention where the electronic and strings should have stood out. Hope you can apply this to your other songs. Good luck with the album! EDIT: Damn you, ninja master Modus!
  5. I was not too confident before, but now that you mention it... Alright fine I'll work the alternative. I have to start somewhere. Might as well be a simple source such as this.
  6. You are my new best friend. And is Stevo wearing an OverClocked University shirt?!? EDIT: Wow, Danny B stands out like a sore thumb! Love that guy!
  7. Pretty good mix! I find no major fault with the actual arrangement of the song. Almost on par with Brandon Strader's mixes (he has...well...a fetish for Splash Woman's source). I heard what seems to be a sour note at around 0:24. Check if you can fix that. It's not pleasing to the ears. The production of the song is where I start to see the cracks. As OfficialJab pointed out, the drum instrument you chose is rather mediocre, almost low res. It's especially going to hurt you since your piece relies heavily on the percussion (Hell, the intro is mostly drums). Find something better and the piece will drastically improve. I can see some of the judges not liking some of your synth choices, but it's fine by my standards, so I give it an A-Okay! Can't wait to see the next version. EDIT: Mixing is key. See if you can alter your piece so that the better, more melodic instruments have greater prominence.
  8. So it turns out that the instruments I wanted to use weren't working for my track. Plus I don't think my alternative idea would fit this album. As a result, I'm pulling out of the project for now and will work on the other idea on my own. PabloComa, feel free to take my place. Look forward to this album!
  9. Your Dedede remix is still amazing in my book. At first I didn't pay attention to this track when HvV first came out. I was to busy listening to the other great tracks on the album. But when I finally got around to hearing it I found myself loving this piece a lot. Lots of chip and electronic goodness coming from this song. I would *puts on shades* "Insert a Rupee" to listen to this remix.
  10. A shit ton of albums were released. Like over a dozen. Oh, and the site still hasn't updated.
  11. Don't put me down yet, but I'm considering doing the FFII theme. I need to get started on that before I can confirm it. I need to know if I can make the song beyond the due date.
  12. Don't forget that our very own Jillian Aversa is also featured on the soundtrack. I'm pretty Sure Larry Oji posted this a while ago. Still, it's great to see some of our ReMixers move beyond the site.
  13. Oh boy...this is going to bite me later on. -Submit at least three ReMixes, have at least one ReMix posted by MAGfest 11 -Maintain or have a weight lower than 160 lbs (currently 187) -Get involved in a relationship -Get a kickass internship/part time job -Be more social than I currently am (less YouTube specifically)
  14. I joined RIGHT after MAGfest, and I'm sad I didn't join OCR sooner. I've forum hoped several times, but I think I've found a great community here (with a LOT of people in the mid-Atlantic region, which is good for me). Hope 2012 is better than last!
  15. Catchy. Cool. It has a very Miami/South Beach party feel at most parts. I find no fault with the instrumental make-up of the second version. The only complaint I can see the judges making is that some of the drum parts become repetitive of over time. The Since it is supposed to be sort of a beachfront nightclub feel to it, I can forgive it, but they may not. I suggest a Mod Review before submitting it. EDIT: You do NOT need the Mario Game Over music at the very end. It destroys the upbeat feel of the song.
  16. I'm assuming this album entered album limbo, where without much of a leader and no further progress it's almost certainly dead. I seriously thought this had some relation with Mega Ran's Black Materia Album. One of the tracks was titled Cry of the Planet. He wrote a fundraiser version for Japan when they had that earthquake.
  17. Happy New- http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/eqinthenews/2012/usc0007fbh/ Well that was fast, Mayans... Even number years are usually good to me. So here's hoping for a better year than last.
  18. For some reason I skipped this track when I first got the Missingno Tracks, but I have since listened to it non-stop. A very creative interpretation of a normally bright and cheery song. I could definitely see the blending of styles between WillRock and Rozovian, and it worked perfectly in this case. Great Job! Damn it now I want to play Pokemon again.
  19. Any advice for Metro riders (I won't be there, but want to be next year)?
  20. I just want to add that it doesn't help that the largest lobbying presence in DC is the US Chamber of Commerce, which is the largest supporter of the bill. We need a LOT of activism to turn this issue on the USCC's head. Continue to bug your Congressmen on the issue.
  21. ...Burn? I personally like the top one of the new posts the most.
  22. This person should work for Capcom. Not like they are doing any better to the series at this point.
  23. Someone better post pics and take video of the OCR panels or I will take the video next year and charge $800 for it. PLUS TAX!
  24. "Occupation: Graduate Student (Chemistry)".*Looks at Signature* I see what you did there! I love your songs BTW.

  25. Reminds me very much of brentalfloss's "Introspective Duck" cover. But still this is a very nice remix. I'm a sucker for solo piano pieces, and this is no exception! I find the two sources to mix strangely well. Certainly a must download.
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