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  1. http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR02176/ Take THAT, SEGA!
  2. I have learned three things today: 1. The SEGA Pico was yet another SEGA console I did not know about, and it was the only SEGA console to have a Mario game. 2. That zircon displayed a tremendous feat by making this AWESOME mix incredibly fast. 3. It is possible to have a lunch of Reese's Puffs and American cheese in college without harsh judgment from my peers.
  3. First, an unrelated note: I love your Megaman Battle Network remix. Have you tried bringing that here to OCR? Now about Zidane's theme. Overall it's unique and a welcoming change to the rock ballads and electromixes we see more often than not on OCR. I do agree with eilios that the volume needs a boost and if you can get a recording of more authentic instruments that would make this mix even more awesome. In regards to the ending, I would make it a grand finale. Throw everything you have at the listener, as if you are declaring a victorious homage for someone who saves the world (which actually happens in the case of Zidane {SPOILERS}).
  4. It depends on what you need and what plan you have. There is a wide range of awesome phones out there, but I don't know of any phone that can use emulators (unless the phone can use java, and the emulator is java-based). What plan do you have?
  5. Did someone say SUPER-SONIC-RAVE-PARTY!!! This is THE best reinterpretation of "Open Your Heart" I have ever heard. I also heard very faint traces of "Can You Feel The Sunshine." Instruments are spot on. If the lyrics were any different and not video game related, I would send this to the major recording companies. My only complaint would be that the vocals need some improvement. The moment I realized this was when the vocalist sang the main line "Open your heart" as "Open yerr heart". Enunciation is key for any song with vocals. Of course, I see that you are not accepting any more vocals, so I wish it the best of luck.
  6. Typing as I listen to it... -I love the way the intro sets the atmospheric setting. Very nice. -I'm somewhat ambiguous with the use of the "fake voice" near the beginning(at least I hope it's fake). I want everyone to examine that and say what they think... -You had a great build-up all throughout the song, and then...the song ended. I'm okay with short mixes, but you left me with wanting much more. Perhaps add a part or two near the end to build a gradual conclusion.
  7. to play: voice, basic piano to listen: guitar (bass, electric, and acoustic), voice, piano, certain chiptunes
  8. Damnit! I don't think I can go. That's when my spring break is.
  9. When this guide is done, are you going to publish it on the forums, or is it going to remain something off the forum? Also, try to AIM contact me the guide, and I'll try to send you feedback.
  10. I love how the Coast to Coast host completely ate up the Freeman call, and then mentioned "portal" technology at random. It's too easy.
  11. Wow, this project looks legit. Also, that was post 1337. Thought that was funny.
  12. I think the OCR logo is fine. Do you mean that we should update the headphones and controller logo, or dump it for another image?
  13. I can just imagine this song being played at a high-end hotel in the lobby, or as a song for a fashion commercial. Very nice intro, and the build-up is spectacular. My only complaint would be that the ending seemed to die on me. After this upbeat and boom-tastic mix is grooving for about 4 minutes, the ending just sort of fades away. of course, once you update the sax, I'm sure it will be amazing. Edit: after hearing it a second time, this time with headphones, I think the ending is better than I thought, but still needs a new sax part and a better fadeout.
  14. I like the tune, and it definitely has a spooky, but fun feel. Unfortunately, the track itself was not as powerful as it could be. The xylophones are nice, but I would agree with ShadowBlade that new instruments or tones are in order. If you are considering a longer mix, I would work on the previously mentioned items before considering length.
  15. I seriously cannot wait for this album to come out. The trailer at MAGfest definitely set the stage for an epic.
  16. Holy crap. I remember playing this game non-stop for a period of one month when I was 9. Unfortunately, some grease from one of those liquid CD holders destroyed my copy of the game. When I have the right equipment, I'll try to make a mix of this tune or other MegaRace tracks (probably NewSan).
  17. Just so you know, your Zero remix (for X, X2, and X3) is one of my all time favorite remixes coming from OCR. I wish that more people would remix those themes.

  18. This was my first MAGfest, and it was awesome meeting everyone on the OCR crew. I will definitely try to go again next year.
  19. The animator for Extra credits is on OCR? AND he's an active member? You, sir, automatically earn 1,000,000 internet points.

  20. As a total noob, I could use this. I'll send you feedback within the week. (AIM just added)
  21. Hello OCR, I'm searching the forums for some suggestions, and maybe it's just me, but I'm getting nowhere fast. I might as well give some details about my situation. I'm looking for a few things, the first being a cheap and/or free software to make music in the first place. I have a six month old Macbook Pro, that currently has Garageband and a program called Soundtrack Pro (it came with my dad's package of Final Cut Studio, but I have yet to touch it). I don't know how to play instruments (although I am a skilled singer), but I do know the basics of music theory. I MAY (depending on my budget) buy a mini keyboard and learn to play sounds on my own, but first I need some good software. I've seen a few sources of digital instruments (I think the post below mine has some), but any recommendations are welcome. I really look forward to being an involved member of OCR, but I have to start somewhere. Thanks in advance.
  22. What's up? My name is Evan, but I go by the signature "Nonamer" (or Nonamer98 ) all throughout the internet. I love music, but especially love video game music. I come from a musical background, in that my mother is a musician, I can sing (baritone), and I am hoping to learn to play the piano. I found OCRemix about four months ago, and I have downloaded almost one hundred tracks I like, and chances are there are hundreds I have yet to discover. Since I live in Washington, DC, I'm not far from the epicenter of OCR (mainly the Cheasapeake area). I went to my first MAGfest this year, and the OCR panel as well as some encouragement from the guys at Overclocked After Dark convinced me to join the forums. I hope to eventually make mixes of my own. I'm going to do some research on how to make music without resorting to a recording studio. Peace, Nonamer
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