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  1. I still remember when this was posted. Never commented on it. If I had at the time it probably would have been brushed off as jealously or some shit. But yeah, daaaamn this song was not good. Between the mono rhythm guitar, which puts the bass up front.. the totally cacophony intro, and the egregious timing throughout the song... so, so bad. But the vocal work and leveling / panning was pretty great.
  2. wimps and posers leave the hall While I'm here making the manowar comment, might as well post another song.. not Manowar related Love doom metal, love Swallow the Sun
  3. Man I'm sorry. What day is it??? Uncharted 4 came out and I already finished it and. Got good at the multiplayer. And I beat some punk who was trash talking in a 1v1 and didn't even gloat that much. Sorry for not remixing X.x
  4. bluelighter has turned in a finished WAV for Slideshow part 1 and 2. It's very cool and interesting, an orchestration. He was very kind with listening to feedback and has submitted the song to the panel, with plenty of time to see what they think before the album is done. First WAV, it's a bit of a special thing. Thanks a ton! Let's see more music!! To people in the subforum, there are several WIPs -- you might be surprised by what you find! I'd recommend subscribing / following the subforum as well as this thread, so you will be notified of new posts when you visit OCR. It's a good
  5. what is a "Symphony X"? Here's a highly anticipated Katatonia album coming out on the 20th that I didn't even know about. Such a good band. A couple songs from the album that I found on youtube. Here's another one!
  6. If you bought higher quality samples, I think you'd find out pretty quickly that your orchestration skills aren't as good as you think they are. Working with a library like the one you have is great for stuff like this, where it has that dated type of rpg maker sound. But higher quality samples requires better automation / modulation and attention to detail, and more logical arrangements with more natural playing. It wouldn't be something you just load up and then play the part and not expect to do extensive work humanizing it afterwards. If you wanted it to actually be good, you'd have to sto
  7. It will probably get covered... As it's one of the big songs near the end, I'm hoping it'll either show up as source usage in one of the other songs, or maybe someone with considerable talent will claim it. We'll see what happens! As a reminder, some people are working on WIPs. These people are awesome. Everyone else (who has access to the subforum) PLEASE share your feedback! It's both valuable in helping the remixers work on their song, and keeping their morale up.
  8. Honestly it's really hard to say. The part in the white hidden text of my last post was a big one. Knowing people who talk like the characters, and talk like Chloe, made them seem a little more genuine to me. It's definitely the characters that were special, and the story and relationships between each character. When it ended it was kinda bittersweet, will have to play it again someday.
  9. Maybe Game of Thrones? There's not a lot of games that actually offer you choices and actually has them affect anything. That's why when a gem like Life is Strange comes along it's so much more special. I didn't try again when Kate committed suicide, I had to stick with that even tho it was bad because I couldn't rewind and to restart the chapter would have been cheating IMO.
  10. I never played "This War of Mine" but Life is Strange is probably one of the most important games I've ever played, couldn't recommend it enough.
  11. Yeah, and they totally made this without crediting Activision who owns the IP which lead a lot of people to believe Sony/Naughty Dog owns the IP/rights to Crash Bandicoot again. Dunno if I'd want to see Naughty Dog make a new Crash though... between every level there'd be some poorly acted cutscene with cliche "emotional" dialogue and new character development that wasn't at all consistent with the other games in the series... maybe that's pessimistic... They've also got Guybrush Threepwood in there
  12. I've talked with RiverSound and after X many years without movement from Kate (mostly due to vocal issues, very unfortunate) the time has finally come to face REALITY and move on with the Key Song, Elia's Theme. As a result I've asked RiverSound for help. No pressure at all, and it is not expected to be in the same style or format. This move should help to ensure that the album actually gets done and doesn't just sit here like @Lucavi00 at the all-you-can-eat buffet I'm going to get progress on my songs, and try to get in touch with the last remaining people here.
  13. I just checked on my laptop and it does not do that.. It wraps the text, but it doesn't do it with dashes, it just does it normally.. Even if I make the window smaller it just adjusts the frames in a smart way. I'm using Chrome / Win 8.1... Otherwise no idea why it's doing that, but it seems Ok for me with laptop resolution here.
  14. No no no, change it from The Joys of Youth to the new title which would just be Joys of Youth (JoY not TJoY) If you can do it thanks a ton, it's the mix with the guitar in it How is the album coming anyway? P.S. I'd like to change my species to remixkin. If you don't do this I will be #ttiggeted
  15. Oh man, I notice that stuff on my phone all the time, not so much on a computer. It drives me nuts, especially when it starts doing it to a post I'm trying to write on my phone and it starts dashing the heck out of it like that. You using an iPhone? I assumed it was either specifically a phone thing or the forum software for phones.
  16. Just so I know I've seen people say not to arrange the mixes too much for MnP, but what if I wanted to make a proper remix? For example I would kind of want to make an electronic thing with auto tune vocals, kind of one of those hip people songs.. so it'd be different from the original, that is if I even enter 2 weeks is NOT a lot of wiggle room..I could easily see not being able to hit the deadline
  17. Oh I forgot to update, I ended up having to have a supervisor (or whatever Sony calls it) deactivate "all consoles" on the account after they inspected it of course. Couldn't do it through the site cause the thief had already done it... or... something. It's confusing. Anyway I got it fixed, took a few days with support's help. I was popping in to ask who would buy a PS4 Neo for $399 if that's the offer? It has miniscule upgrades to CPU/GPU but apparently can offer 1080p60 performance or, the rumor being, that it would play 4K quality. I am skeptical but I'd also buy a PS4 Neo... I am sti
  18. When I asked for a melodic one with vocals I should have clarified an easy one, not one that is crazy harder than even the last round would have been Gosh darn you Kat / Mouse!
  19. Is it too late to name my song Joys of Youth instead of "THE" Joys of Youth?
  20. Shorter than McDonalds receipt ...but much better for you
  21. Everyone did a great job If you pick a nice melodic song with vocals I may enter again Really looking to get away from metal stuff right now
  22. Is it in Englais yet? wait.. I already asked that.. I kinda want to know though. Someone said Funimation had the rights to do the English dub for One Punch Man also. I never heard that. Is DB Super any good, I have heard that it's both really disappointing and that it's good. Don't know what to believe.
  23. I am sorry for the treatment you got in your recruitment thread. Not everyone on the site is like that. It seems like the site doesn't support the type of game you're trying to make, despite it basically looking like mega man but without clothes. :P Hope this experience hasn't pushed you away from OCR. 

  24. I'm defending the rules, art, and OCR. And I'm reporting posts. I get a laugh out of people saying "we are better than this" while being an asshole to someone.
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