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  1. Reminds me of Super Smash Brawl Final Destination After my next one, I would like to try this one!
  2. Hello OCR, another cover is finished. This one is very short, but was very challenging to make. Last two covers where (mostly) done with midi. I was advised to use more physical instruments and let go of the original form. Though the form is still original, I did give it a twist. As always, I wont be working on this one anymore than I already did. Feedback is welcome, any ideas or direction you think I should go or try out is welcome too. Above all, Enjoy!
  3. hahaha this one is fun! I like how it's now DnB but still maintains the spider environment. Mostly because of the 16th notes. Sound exactly like the spider legs crawling. I agree with Hank's comment, though I don't mind it's not original. Wished you would have gone even further. It sounds really awesome!
  4. Solid! Did you play in a band? There is a great balance in all the tracks. Everything really supports each other! The part between 2:15 and 2:50 was pretty calm, giving the fact that it goes back to the chorus after. I don't know if that was your intention or if you wanted something different... Also never excuse yourself upfront. It's unnecessary. No one minds that you started late with something. It's can only put you in bad daylight. Showing your progress is great, it gives people the chance to follow your growth. And mistakes are part of them, so no need to feel bad about it. Awesome job on this one!
  5. Ehm... yeah, It's jazz-ish, but more hiphop than jazz. I like the feel you're trying to give, but i can't really get around the brass instruments panned left and ride that are not in tune with each other... It's distracting from the rest of the track... Again, I like the arrangement and feel, but there are some points you want to work on with this version.
  6. Thank God, Finally people who are honest with me! This is the kind of feedback I can work with!!(with that I mean this community) Ok, I'll update it when I've got a second version!(and maybe finish three other projects first xD)
  7. Damn! That works so good! Tried it out just now, I think I might actually tweek with this one more later on! Thanks man!
  8. I like the hiphop sections a lot. The melody of the flute or high melody sounds a little weird though...I can't get a hold what the underlaying chords are or should be. Sounds like jazz btw. The beat mixes well with the atmosphere of a shop. Good work on that. Also on the sound of your instruments altogether. They fit well with each other.(except the flute, sorry)
  9. Sounds awesome. Maybe add some synthesizer next time? Gives it some variety in the overall sound of the song.
  10. Second cover. Medabots, a game I used to play. The music was cool, but with GBA sounds. I never found a remastered version of it, so I decided to do that myself. Made it a some weeks ago(just like my first cover). This one is also finished. I won't be working on it anymore. Enjoy! Feedback is always welcome.
  11. Well right now i'm working on my thesis, so I don't have alot of time, but somewhere in the future... May I help you with that? I would love to!
  12. make a Latin version of it! Please! That would be so cool xD! Is this playable? Real life? That would be cool too!
  13. at about 0:46 you hear a major chord, D major. The bass plays D, while some arppegio track plays a broken D major chord. You can add some tense to it by letting it play a broken D7sus4...(D G A C) It will leave that question mark you create between 0:36 and 0:46, but will add more to the overall ambience on that moment. The vocals do sound a little bit out of place in my opinion, maybe cut the off before the end of the samples to give it a more glitchy/rhythmic effect, or reverb? Just a thought. I love the change in feel at 0:59 and the break at 1:28! Awesome work man!
  14. Hahaha, I thought F-Zero was an old 8 bit RPG. Dude, nice job! Awesome job on making an orchestra arrangement of it. The feel you get at about 0:32 is very good. The rest of the song, I feel like it lacks a bit of body... Is it entirely MIDI or did you also use physical instruments?
  15. The link doesn't work... It says the track can't be found or is deleted...
  16. Thanks for the feedback guys! Appreciate it a lot! @DevilBeats I purposely made a lot of background sounds. I actually analysed the song entirely, by using various methods such as writing it down on sheet music, dynamic/flow analyses(a method I created for myself) and I actually also recorded it as original(to really know all the ins and outs of the song). Personally I like the full arrangement, but I can understand that it can be too much for others. So maybe i should try something else with it...I have a few Ideas... i'll see what i'll do and if I want to put more time in it.. @timeaus222 I'm also not that fond of the guitar, but i'm still practicing guitar, so I had to work with the midi. The lead was a tough one. I wanted something different than the usual guitar solo thingy, but I didn't want something soft, so I fiddled with audio effects. It's a little bit strange, bit you are definitely right about the lack of impact. That was something I haven't found out yet... I'm working on a second version of Trap Phantasm now, with physical instruments. I'm going to stick with the original, since I wasn't planning on changing it. I'll save that for some other time. I'll let you know when it's finished. And if I may ask upfront, will you guys also give me some feedback on that one. Would appreciate it a lot! If I can do anything in return, no problem!
  17. Easy lover - Phil Collins, at about 0:55. First thing I thought of! Sounds cool. It has a mix of different timezones in it. On the one hand you feel this 90's music, on the other hand you hear pretty modern sounding instruments, like the lead synth at about 1:00. Depending on what you want, maybe aiming it at one time zone or experimenting further.
  18. Awesome remix man. Maybe shorten your intro. It takes up almost half of your song and your sound is good, so prolonging it might add to the flow of the song.
  19. So southing, makes me want to go to a guild bar. Tip: don't excuse yourself upfront in the description box. It gives away unnecessary information and it doesn't even have to be true. Apologize afterwards if necessary, otherwise 'Fake it 'till you Make it!'. Your whistle was nice, it sounds clear, in tune and really adds to the overall environment and air the music creates. If you want to create space, use a reverb. EQ is used to manage frequency in music. Reverb simulates a room or space. The first lead melody sounds out of tune, a little bit too high, but after listening to it a few times, you kinda get this real feeling about it. It feels alive, human. I don't know what words to use to explain what I mean. Hope u can relate to what I mean.
  20. Funky man! Really like the changes in the chords, love the brass and unisono hits! Gave a few nice punches in your lyrics xD Note: The vocals are pretty loud in the entire mix. The balance is now more podcast than song.
  21. Hey man, Cool remix, Always hyped for these types of remixes ;P Love how things sound like Christmas when you just use basic chords, add a snowman photo and add bells to the song hahaha Give me a fantasy RPG with this song as the VGM of the Winter-Boss and i'm sold.
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