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  1. So.... I was born in california and lived 22 years of my life within an hour of san francisco. and now, now that i'm in hawaii everything is happening in san francisco? even my girlfriend (who isn't from california, mind you) is living in san francisco right now. this sucks, screw hawaii. oh, and have fun guys. EDIT: OCR snowboarding trip WOOOOO!!! but seriously that would be awesome. and less nerdy. <3 Snowboarding.
  3. http://antipode.herograw.net/antechamber/Antipode%20-%20Antechamber.zip In case the other links aren't working. Make sure to still visit the site!
  4. Dude I PMmed you on irc yesterday and you never responded. at the same time you were talking in #ocremix.
  5. This is a generalization and definitely doesn't apply to all unmodders, but I have a feeling that some of them knew nothing they said would change anything, didn't want to hang around ocr anymore, and just decided to see how much damage they could do before getting banned. Usually I have a very anti-establishment mindset when it comes to ocr but truthfully, unmod sucked. And yes, I spent some time there. like three minutes. Remember when the remix reviews forum was the most active one? yeah, those were the days...
  6. I was originally going to make some witty, sarcastic comment such as, "I wish you guys would bet more popular so I could find your music on torrent sites" but then I found antigravity on a torrent site. Now THAT'S funny
  7. I've had a mirror set up for this for months now. email me if you've forgotten the ftp info. thanks
  8. You should feel sorry FOR people who think of you as a role model. hahahahHAHhhHhahHhahaHhahahahhHA
  9. so this might leave some people scratching their heads, but... Lode Runner The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle I'm a sucker for simple games like this because even with their primitive underpinnings they still invoke a sense of suspense.
  10. Thanks for the useful info, JoyBoy. This is exactly what I was looking for!
  11. I used to have comcast's ridiculously expensive premium cable which was like 8Mb down, 512k up or something. It served me well enough, since I didn't have to pay for it. Currently: Stealing wireless from someone within the apartment complex. Pretty fast. More importantly I live directly across the street from my university and their internet is ridiculous. yay for stealing!
  12. This mix has "that something." I'm not sure what "that something" is, but whatever it is, mixes containing "that something" cause me to become infatuated with them and play them WAY too much, eventually becoming intensely burnt out. But hey, it's fun while it lasts!
  13. ...really not seeing the big problem with the vocals that everyone appears to have. Once again, what an excellent mix!
  14. /me looks around.. Well, mirror is still available. happy mixing
  15. The Damned stop spamming this thread
  16. In all seriousness it's good to see AE and co. sending in new stuff. (p.s. Ransom is the opposite of straight)
  17. I thought the battle system was all flavors of gay. Good ideas but poorly implemented. Anywho no wii for me but i'll make sure to talk my friends into grabbing the game when it comes out.
  18. Interesting that his purchasable musics were being compared to OUS earlier, as he gives thanks to Mustin. EDIT: I sent him an email. He pockets the other 80%. AHEM, I mean "the remainder is already being used to fund [his] next MS project, which has been in the works for several months now."
  19. Silently donating to a charity doesn't exactly raise much awareness for said cause, now does it? Perhaps you guys are right, and this guy's a dick. Regardless, I don't understand why internet fags always assume the worst. Don't buy his stuff if you think he's an ass.
  20. I've found the trick is to- Choose something obscure that no one will get the reference to. Choose something that you can't find others using currently. Buy and use webspace with the matching domain name. Choose something that no one else would want, which is, of course, my own personal strategy
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