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  1. Oh hey happy birthday KyleJCrb. I gave that guy a pretty good ramming once. Mae and Coop and a bunch of others were there too, I believe. Yup, that Unmod Stock Car Race got pretty crazy after everyone started crashing.
  2. Oh hey, I'm watching Spice and Wolf right now. Need to watch season 2.
  3. There's also an After Burner game on PSN.
  4. HEY! Don't diss Rob Liefeld like that!
  5. Haven't played 3D Dot Game Heroes for PS3 yet huh? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3D_Dot_Game_Heroes
  6. Open command line and type "ping" to make sure nothing is wrong with the nic card, if it says received then it works. Try pinging something like www.google.com if the nic works to see if that replies. Can also try typing "ipconfig/flushdns" then "ipconfig/release" followed by "ipconfig/renew" and maybe see if that works. Also the most obvious thing, make sure the button that allows a wireless connection is set to on if you connect wirelessly, stupid I know but I've had people come up to me when it was that. =P
  7. Tried to get a Goo King Sword in Breath of Fire III or IV or both, can't remember which. You can spend FOREVER and never get one.
  8. So yeah I think it's safe now to say Megaman Legends needs a comeback.
  9. THIS. ...three fucking times. I really wanted to like Dead Rising, I really did. It sounded like such an awesome premise. Too bad it's fucked from the beginning. Moving with all the finesse of a forklift, braindead survivors who get hung up on environmental objects, and that god-damned save-corrupting glitch. Never had that problem, though I got a glitch once where the clown would block attacks with his chainsaws ALL THE TIME, whether it was bullets or otherwise. Could not beat him as a result.
  10. Flash Strife

    Witcher 2

    Does Geralt still have the ability to make Because that's a big deal breaker.
  11. Ah, memories. I remember when I used to play the latest Beatdrop record and do the tango and foxtrot, of course this was before they got banned. Those were the days...
  12. Fragile Dreams got panned by critics but if you really get into the game, like actually collect the items and look around the environments and check for messages left by previous survivors it does a good job of sucking you into a very emotional story. Probably the only game I ever played that did a good job of capturing the emotion it wanted from the player. Even if some of the other aspects of the game weren't perfect, I say it's one of the best Wii titles just because of how unique a game it is.
  13. http://ingame.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/04/27/6544610-sony-sued-could-bleed-billions-following-playstation-network-hack?GT1=43001
  14. Hey man, chill. I heard Sony is tracking down and suing anyone who has knowledge of how to hack the ps3 and then posts it online. =O They should be coming for you soon... CRAP! And since I quoted you, now they'll come after me! GET BACK TO PLAYING AR TONELICO YOU! :3
  15. If the autodj means your show tracklist so far, then I saw maybe 1 Nujabes track. Guess what I wanted to say earlier was more along the lines of PLAY MOAR! instead. :3 When it comes to DJ Shadow, I don't like all his stuff either, but there is some good stuff there. Emancipator is pretty cool too. As for you thinking I ignored Blueprint...
  16. Soul Position in, sole possession of Poll position, hold your breath and listen! Yeah, Blueprint is pretty cool, mostly heard his stuff through the first 2 Soul Position albums, which I admit, I did mostly just so I could listen to RJD2's beats. Then again, if you heard RJD2's first 2 full albums, you'd want to listen to more of his beats as well. So that's where you've been! Haven't seen you around much lately. You need to play some Nujabes stuff if you haven't already. Maybe some RJD2 and DJ Shadow stuff too, like this classic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmzHRGoKca0.
  17. Think I figured out why the game is so much harder. Enemy speed seems to be faster than the originals. Already unlocked all the hidden characters and SOR1 and 2 ones. Easy way to get cash is to stage select to the escape or bonus room level in stage 8 with someone like Mr. X and find the room with the crates and key card. Room has a gold bar and 3 money bags. Keep going into this room until time expires. Think I capped out at over 100,000 after the cheat penalty once, which is great for about 3 minutes of play. Seems like the room was usually one of the middle ones for me, but it's somewhat random. Also DON'T STEAL FROM BLAZE IN THE SHOP! It's better just to do the money trick I mentioned. Also seems like SEGA doesn't like the idea of this game too much since I read in some places that they made them remove the download link for the game.
  18. Why is this game so DAMN HARD! Normal mode is like SoR3 difficult. Died in stage 8 two times now, once in SoR1 stage 8, think it was either against Shiva or the Blaze copies and again today fighting SoR2 Mr. X. Like the game though! Just don't want to play in easy mode, because that is for pansies.
  19. Do have it, though maybe I don't use Firefox when those ads happens, can't remember ATM. I'm also not just talking about youtube but vids from news sites that make you watch ads before the vid starts.
  20. Hey man this news clip looks interesting I think I'll take a look WHAT THE HELL I gotta watch a minute long commercial just so I can see a 20 second clip this is BULLSHIT! So much for the whole internet video thing being better than watching tv.
  21. Maybe something to do with this? From an NISA rep.
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