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  1. HAHAHAHA. I posted a WIP right above your song without noticing you made it. Weird timing. I absolutely love the texture you pulled off in the intro with that pad. I think you have a very signature style of drumming; I never hear beats like yours, and I can always pick one out. Anyway, nice shit yo, great modulations, good melodies, and good to see your still making music! Take it easy Roe.
  2. HEY! I finished a song a few years ago, when I was 17, called It's The Algorithm. I recently had a huge bout with musicians block, so I attempted to remix that song, and had some amazing results. This is that result It's still rough, and doesn't have an ending yet, but early opinions are always welcome. I intend to finish this soon, so any constructive comments any of you have would be greatly appreciated. On another note, this song has also inspired me to start an EP based around It's the Algorithm. At the rate I finish things, it will be done in about 4 years. Anyway, thanks for your comments, and enjoy.
  3. Too conservative is when you rely on the source too heavily to compensate for a lack of skill or motivation to compose a well crafted piece of music.
  4. Ha, I'm going to be in LA that whole weekend, and this sounds pretty fucking interesting.
  5. Reason 4 is really the only version I do like. I mean, i pretty much just use it as a big plug-in for FL Studio or Logic, but it's still quite useful.
  6. With an extremely similar soundtrack.
  7. Updated. Changed a few things in the arrangement, and tweaked all my EQs to allow the mix to be less muddy, and have a much higher overall loudness (Reason's Maximizer is pretty sick:P).
  8. I really like the synth that is covering the low end in Hypothetical gun barrel, it sits really well beneath the brass and percussion. True bond style, good shit. The Exchange is actually really great, I absolutely love the low brass hit after the intro, and the bass synth that comes in shortly thereafter. Really cool all around.
  9. This is the first song I've made with Reason 4. I just got it a few days ago (go birthdays), mainly because Logic Studio is great, I just can't seem to use that program quickly enough to get ideas out, and this was making my Macbook Pro become nothing more than a portable internet machine. Reason is a great place for me to start my ideas (Orkester Sucks though). Anyway, this was purely Reason 4, just my attempt to get acquainted with it's interface and functions real quickly. For some reason, the melody that popped into my head was actually from one of the demo songs for reFX Nexus made by Arksun, so I suppose this is my take on his theme. (You Are Now Leaving) The Nexus Realm Enjoy.
  10. This is absolutely sick.
  11. Music Composition Major at Arizona State. I'm a sophomore. Woohoo!
  12. The way I understand EQUO is that it is more for the active morphing of a sound, and is more meant for creating modulation effects rather than precise EQing. Zircon was right, Parametric EQ 2 is probably your best choice (go visual spectrum).
  13. Nah, the Fishyisatalentlesshackbitchboy function is still in there.
  14. My thoughts: 1. Finish those eternally unfinished tracks. Now, maybe finishing this track means slapping a crappy arrangement and played out progression onto it, but "finishing" each track helped me develop a faster mind for composition and moving ideas quickly. 2. A little goes a long way. I'm talking about processing, or effects. Some of my best sounds have come from thinking logically about the signal chain of my effects, but mostly how to get the most out of each link in the chain. Cranking compression on each track solves nothing (I'm guilty of this), and boosting EQ levels too high tends not to leave as much room in the total mix (at least in my experience). As far as modulation, think automation. 3. Be critical of each note you play, but not cruel. Be mindful of your writing, and look for improvements, but don't be discouraged by an idea that isn't coming out quite right. 4. In light of number 3, don't be a cocky fuckshit. Never think you know everything, and look for chances to absorb and innovate. How am I at motivational shit?
  15. So like, what if the plants in Lower Brinstar make your head go all fuzzy? This remix is kinda liberal, let me know if it is too much so. Expect semi-retardedness. Go Nuts. Gracias and enjoy.
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