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  1. Media Player Classic has a screenshot function built into it. Try that.
  2. The same thing happened to my original CC disc 1 about 3-4 years ago. The FMV that plays when you enter Viper Manor always froze (in my PSX or my PC). I downloaded an ISO of the CD and played it on ePSXe.. it plays and looks better on that anyway.
  3. I'd just like to add that I have a Kodak Z710 (7.1 MP) that has 10x optical zoom. It's roughly a $250 camera (I got it for less.. I had a lesser model that broke and they were out of stock, so I got the better one ), and while it is a bit bigger than most small digital camera its still no where near large.
  4. I WAS BEING SARCASTIC GUYS SHEESH The guys from irc would know that.. I think this thread should've been locked.
  5. Just download the FF7 project and be done with it..
  6. Yea except when you used KiD_Zer0 on DALnet for years.. Also.. 11 years? You were on the net when you were 7-8 years old? (Note how I didn't make a 12 year old joke for once!)
  7. Happy birthday to me too, you guys always forget me
  8. Nifty.. I already own it for PC and PS1 though.
  9. It's going VERY slow, as cobalt said. My next opponent is Horseboy who (a couple weeks ago) said it'd be a few weeks before we could battle.
  10. If you have the WAVs on your computer, and have LAME.exe, download the LAME frontend RazorLame. It lets you choose whatever settings for the mp3s you want.
  11. Hmm, strange. I don't use Vista so I can't really comment on if ATI's Vista drivers work properly. As for changing your settings, check out ATI Tray Tools. I'm not sure if it supports Vista (I haven't used it in at least a year), but it's worth a try. *edit* ATT's page says for the latest version, [*] Added support for Vista 32bit. Not all of functions will work under Vista at this time.
  12. 1) Make sure you installed the Vista drivers and not the XP drivers. 2) Have you tried re-installing the drivers? Sometimes things can get corrupted. 3) Has CCC always not loaded, or has this become a recent problem? (with the same driverset, or with a newly installed one?) 4) What does ATITool read your clock speeds as while in 2D mode? I have a Sapphire X1950XT and I read 621 core and 900 (1800) memory while in 2D, which are the regular clock speeds.
  13. I have a Tauros and could breed one up real quick for you. Hit me up.
  14. Not sure if its your style, but "Unring The Bell" by Gov't Mule (from the album "High and Mighty") has some heavy bass in it.. it's not like their usual songs, it has a reggae feel to it. Great song, you should check it out .. check out the sample over at Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/High-Mighty-Govt-Mule/dp/B000GPIPW4/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/102-9155255-8588165?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1187310692&sr=8-1
  15. You probably have to find some kind of converter.. google is your friend.
  16. What about everyone else? C'mon people.. battle!
  17. This isn't really on topic.. but the way he plays rhythm guitar is extremely similar to the way a buddy of mine named Joey plays. I started to play the Nukem track and had to make sure of what I was listening to. Kinda weird..
  18. What about JMU's School of Music? I dunno anything about it.. just figured I'd mention it.
  19. I do? It's just the losers bracket.. double elimination tournament..
  20. wait, someone cares about soc's site/music? the site works for me, iduno.
  21. First battle is over. Cobalt beat me pretty nicely ;D Biggest lol moment was at the start when we both came out with the same pokemon ;x
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