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  1. Ugh, this was a difficult vote. We'll see if I change my mind as the week progresses.
  2. I think at this point we can all assume that DarkeSword has stashed all the musics in a duffel bag and hopped a plane to Monaco.
  3. I lost my shit when I saw Armored Warriors, the pinnacle of all side-scrolling beat-em-up arcade games.
  4. Indeed, Saturn, Neo Geo, and TG16 all had some great games on them. Neo Geo and TG16 couldn't compete with the Nintendo and Sega juggernauts during the early 90's (especially when Neo Geo cost a whopping $650 at the time it was released). Saturn was truly a magnificent system, and its failure is largely attributable to piss poor marketing by Sega. I wish that Sega or some third-party would create a Saturn Classic Edition edition with Panzer Dragoon Saga, NiGHTS, Magic Knight Rayearth, SotN, MM8, MMX3, Shining Force III (all three chapters, not just the first and only one to make it to North America), Guardian Heroes, and, of course, all the Sonics on it. I would pay hundreds of dollars for it, and I would consider it a bargain. The system and its games are that good. As far as the anti-Nintendo drama, only the failure of Neo Geo and TG16 can be attributed to Nintendo to any substantial degree. The Saturn's direct competitor was the PS1.
  5. Holy shit, I didn't even realize it was the Saturn version, and the fact that it isn't the primary version of the song is criminal. Such an amazing tune, and looking forward to the remixes integrating it!!
  6. I agree, they made it a good show on its own while still packing it full of nostalgic references (the Gummi Bears one was hilarious in particular).
  7. Did anybody catch The Moon theme from the NES game at the end of today's season finale?
  8. A sample of the Smash arrangement of Bloody Tears is available on the official Smash blog: https://www.smashbros.com/en_US/sound/index.html
  9. Also, I love the reference to SotN's iconic prelude scene:
  10. OMFG That opening cinematic is everything that I'd hope for a Castlevania intro into the world of SSB and more!!!!
  11. The first season is super short and very easy to watch in one sitting. I would also highly recommend it, as it is very, very good. The second season looks really good, too, but I really hope the success of the first season hasn't gone to their head too much that it affects the quality of the second season.
  12. Wind Man again, just like in 2011!! Hopefully you'll get to get past round 1 this time and not get knocked out by a previously unknown dark horse contestant.
  13. inb4 you need to pick individual robot master themes. EDIT: Here's a playlist with most of them:
  14. Yes! Don't forget about all the classics like Ground Man, Pirate Man, and Cold Man!
  15. Holy shit, are you that Alexander Prievert? Your remixes were some of the very first I ever downloaded from OCR back in 2000/2001 when I first discovered the site! Great to see you're still remixing! Also, as you're probably aware, a 48+ minute remix stands almost no chance of passing the panel review based just on the length alone, but I definitely liked the remix enough to download it and play it on repeat when I'm working.
  16. One mixer that comes to mind as being a perfect fit for this project is Rukunetsu (Soundcloud link).
  17. Yeah, I've learned to divorce an artist's work from their personality, so some of the crazy shit that it sounds like Wise has been up to doesn't really detract from my appreciation of his early NES compositions. People are people, I guess.
  18. I know David Wise is most well known for his work on the Donkey Kong Country series, but I've been listening to a lot of the original music from many NES games that I grew up with -- all composed by David Wise. Examples: Wizards & Warriors series Marble Madness R.C. Pro Am Double Dare ("Gorilla" is a song that I frequently listen to on repeat when I'm trying to get work done) Battletoads The list could honestly go on longer. And these are all his pre-DKC works! He isn't dead or dying or anything (to the best of my knowledge), I just have only relatively recently realized that so many of the NES music I loved growing up was composed by him.
  19. Thanks! I still like to download WIPs to be able to listen to them before they get posted on OCR because the evaluation process can be lengthy at times.
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