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  1. Really glad to see this posted already! I loved it when I first heard it in the WIP forums!
  2. Really enjoying this! Any chance you could provide a download link?
  3. Yea! More Reminiscity! My standard caveat: I don't have technical music expertise to be able to give a ton of advice about it, but as a layperson, the main instrument (the wind instrument) sounds a little too pronounced over the rest of the track. I don't know any of the technical verbiage to use to explain how to fix it, so hopefully someone like @Gario comes along and provides more constructive advice. I love the direction that you're going with this, though! I hope you keep working on it!
  4. I was out of town when this was posted, so I missed it last week. Great news! Very well deserved for both of you, especially since you've been members of the community for so long!! Congrats!!
  5. Yeah, although I don't have any technical music expertise, Gario is spot on about it sounding flat. I think that's the biggest complaint about this otherwise great arrangement. The transition between the two themes is so subtle the listener wouldn't even notice. I hope you polish this up and submit it to the panel!
  6. Great to have another remix from the game, and great to see another mix from about:blank after so long!
  7. The only game missing that I think of as a quintessential Genesis game is Spider-Man Vs. the Kingpin, but with all of the licensing hoops likely required to get it on the mini, I'm not surprised it's absent. The rest of the lineup looks incredible, though.
  8. I loved reading about that, and I really enjoyed the movie, as did my wife. My 8 year old son wants to go back and see it several more times. I'm honestly impressed at how well they did a live-action Pokemon movie, which, before this movie was announced, I didn't think was possible without it becoming another Dragonball Evolution debacle.
  9. Oof, $260? That's way too pricey for what this is. For that kind of money, I'd expect something more along the lines of those previously mentioned 1up Arcade machines (hell, the Street Fighter II one is only $249).
  10. Holy shit, they got some of the best Capcom arcade games ever on here.
  11. I can't believe that this is the first remix posted by Lampje4life, but great to see there's finally one on the site. Keep submitting them, Yannic!!
  12. Gunstar Heroes was such a hyped game back in the day. I guess it hasn't aged that well since I rarely hear any praise for that game anymore. Overall, I am pretty excited about this, though. I've played through NES and SNES games a lot in recent years thanks to emulation and/or Nintendo eShop, so those minis didn't really do it for me, but playing Genesis games on that big boomerang controller again would be amazing.
  13. The new region looks reminiscent of Germany/Switzerland? Definitely looks interesting, and I'm glad it'll be on the Switch so that my kids can watch me play instead of asking me questions constantly about what to do next.
  14. Just want to say, "keep them coming!" I always really enjoy your remixes, so keep dropping them!
  15. Wait, this wasn't posted yet? I've had it in my OCR playlist for about a year thinking that it was already posted to the site. Get to submitting it!!
  16. Wow, I didn't mean to derail the topic so much, but I'm thrilled that there's so much love for NES Godzilla out there! Hopefully the remix album will materialize one day, but Motherpluckin' B does have a sweet, sweet remix of the game's ending credits in the meantime:
  17. I always personally would love to see a Godzilla NES album, but I have zero technical music expertise myself, so it's not going to happen anytime soon, sadly...
  18. Direct challenge is a thing now, so this might be a good place to share our friend codes, though some additional time coordination may be necessary for direct challenges. Mine is orlouge82#96079
  19. One of my favorite JRPGs. I must have played through it dozens of times. The learning curve was quite steep, though, especially when I was a sophomore in high school when it first came out. American audiences tend to have more difficulty with that much of an open-ended game, though, which explains why it did so much poorer here than in Japan (where it remains among one of the top selling Square products for the PS One).
  20. I just had a nergasm from the opening fight scene in episode 7 -- featuring an arranged version of Bloody Tears!!
  21. I agree, I was REALLY sick of mono red/BR aggro before rotation. Game was largely decided by turn 3 or 4. I can't wait until the next set releases, though, because I almost always want to force Bant colors in my deck, and there's the least support for those colors right now with GRN's dual lands. Although the Selesnya cards I've started using are incredible. Knight of Autumn is incredibly versatile and allows me to stabilize against aggro decks while knocking out early Azcantas against control, and March of the Multitudes just wins games on its own, especially when you start stacking them with Convoke. It's always pretty hilarious how my opponents will bend over backwards to kill my Teferi, only to get run over by 19 1/1 lifelink soldier tokens two turns later.
  22. Is it just me, or are 90% of the decks Dimir surveil and Boros aggro (with the occasional mono-red burn deck and Jeskai control deck thrown in)? I played against three different players last night in a row all playing the Dimir surveil deck (you know, where they play Disinformation Campaign, then bounce it, play it again, and repeat?). Maybe it's just the flavor of the week right now.
  23. Damn, two amazing tracks. Definitely worth the wait!!
  24. I've been playing the closed beta since January, and I'll definitely be playing the open beta later today, but I won't be dropping any money into it considering WOTC's recent moves giving the middle finger to brick and mortar LGS's. The game is fun, and I hope they make the Singleton format a permanent fixture at some point.
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