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  1. Yea? Well, shut up. Moving right along, who else can we argue about the chances of? Inb4 Geno.
  2. No one is saying Tales characters are as guaranteed as Pac-Man. But it's equally naive to think Namco/Bandai didn't sit down with Nintendo and jock to get other characters in because they'd be complete idiots if they didn't. I wouldn't be surprised if a Tales character made it in, and I wouldn't be surprised if one didn't. That is all.
  3. To add to my edit, which was lost in the fray: the first US Fire Emblem came out about a year after Melee, so yup. Also, Game and Watch. Who, outside of the most hardcore gamers, knew who the hell THAT was before Melee? Neither US nor Japan. Surprises are by no means out of the question for the Smash series.
  4. Um, Tales is not niche in Japan, it's just behind FF and DQ in terms of popularity. And considering that including a character in Smash would be Namco/Bandai's best way to increase it's popularity in the states, there's quite a good chance of it. I'm willing to be Marth and Roy were also "just some anime dudes" to most Americans back when Melee came out. In fact, Melee came to the US before the first Fire Emblem made it here, IIRC.
  5. Keep in mind his mega buster looks like it does minimal hitstun. Crash shot and metal blades will definitely be a bitch, but he actually DOES have a lot of melee moves: Guts man grab, flame sword, shoryuken, that spark man up-smash looking attack, slash man's slash...so there's definitely options for those who want to play up close with him. On another note: Less Sonic, more KID CHAMELEON.
  6. I always thought djp hand selected the tracks from albums.
  7. Just forwarded my PM to you. Lemme know wuz good or just turn me blue.
  8. Just wanted to say good luck to all for the first round. Looking forward to this compo's results
  9. You're, like, the original Sonic guy, as far as I'm concerned. Having you contribute is pretty special. All your stuff was an inspiration to me when I first started. I had similar reaction to Malcos being on the Gunstar Heroes project.
  10. Just checking in. Fully intended to have a song update today, but I've been having some hard drive issues. Didn't lose anything, but it did prevent me from touching up the song tonight. If all goes well, I'll have it up tomorrow.
  11. This...what kind of question is this? It's Sonic R, man. SONIC R. YOU'VE GOT TO SURVIVE! YOU'VE GOT TO KEEP THAT DREAM ALIVE!

  12. OMFG, I want to do a Radiant Silvergun mix so bad... I don't know how the claiming is working right now, since I already see it up there but with no name next to it. Just lemme know what I gotsta do, yo. Good lookin' on the heads up, DiGi. Whether I get on or not, this project is the business.
  13. I can't tell you how happy you just made me by taking on Sonic R in the Saturn project XD XD XD

    That is, if you're really going to do it (don't see it in the track list...) But you totally should.

  14. Wow, I actually completely overlooked this one, DiGi (I wasn't lurking OCR much during this album's release). I didn't know what to expect on the collab going in, but had I heard this I wouldn't have been so surprised. Definitely looking forward to future projects!
  15. I can't think of a better artist to remix this theme. An amazing addition to the Sixto rock playlist. Great justice = done.
  16. Insta-fav, here. Brilliant use of the 16bit sounds effects, like the sparkly star, sprinkled around the arrangement. Definitely not what you would expect from the source which made it fun to listen to. Proto can jazz anything into gold.
  17. Much appreciated, my friend!

  18. @Meteo Xavier

    Couldn't PM you...I used a vst called SampleTank that has a preset called Wah Clean LP. Specifically on that preset, is a Wah effect generator, so aside from that there might be some standalone Wah effect plugins that you could apply it to your own instruments.

  19. Just wanted to pop in and say I'm really stoked for this. And Malcos...MALCOS is on it. The whole thing just makes me smile.
  20. I've been catching a lot of Touhou stuff on rainwave.cc, so this was a pleasant surprise. I can't pretend I know any of the songs by heart, but this mix is very nice nonetheless. Touhou turned waltz with DDR-esque synths, sounds pretty good to me
  21. Awesome. I love it. Insane groovage going on here. It's like the room left in the soundscape was just so...just for the listener, to pull a stool up right next to the band, surround themselves with the funk.
  22. Emunator, I'd say the same about this and his earlier debut remix. Sci, you bring a unique touch to the table that I really appreciate. Reminiscent of ella guro and mutagene methinks, as in very recognizable styles. Great stuff, man.
  23. So I recently burned this to an OCR compilation for the car, remembering how much I enjoyed "Adhesive Boy's" unique style. Given your old handle, it was definitely a revelation to learn you were female this whole time, but it's not so surprising given the soft beauty that most of your work has This track is one of my all time favorites from back in the day, as I think it captures perfectly the whimsical nature of Kirby's world.
  24. This is the hotness though. Plant Man is perfect for this style.
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