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  1. Ah. Well, it'd be quicker to just compress the game data (there's an option to do just that under the File menu) and upload the resulting .exe file.
  2. Any chance you could upload the source file? I might actually do something with this.
  3. Where the slightly transparent white squares are. I'm guessing this screenshot was taken in the editor. They'd appear as normal doors when you actually run the game.
  4. I'd love to tell you (maybe even show you, since I own the program) but the link for the image isn't working.
  6. Wait. What happened to the smiley box? And how is it that I only just noticed that the smiley box is missing? Oh yeah, I never use smileys BECAUSE THEY'RE TERRIBLE. But seriously, where'd it go?
  7. Hold on, hold on. I think he's on to something there. I have this image now of Langdell confronting and filing a lawsuit against the actual character of Miles Edgeworth. The lawyer. I'd like to see that happen.
  8. I notice his company is called "The Edge." So does he think he owns the word "The" as well?
  9. I hereby put forward a motion to reinstate moddycoddling.
  10. I did a solo, no-evolution run a while ago. I only lost once, and even that was because I got cocky and decided I didn't need to cure that one case of Paralysis, whereupon the game proceeded to work its bullshitomancy and rendered me unable to move for SIX TURNS IN A ROW. Granted, the major upside of a solo run is that one mon is getting all the XP, and your opponent being level 30 whilst you are LEVEL GOD is a pretty big advantage, evolution or not.
  11. But let's be honest, you're probably going to stomp your way through anyway. Yeah, but to be fair, this kind of assumes that most kids under the age of twelve are on the Internet and know how to use it properly.
  12. I honestly don't get why they haven't done a full 3D incarnation of the games yet. As in a standard formula "catch 'em all" game, rather than the likes of Colosseum. Not that deviating from the formula is bad. I mean, Colosseum had potential in being an actual story-driven RPG for once, but the whole "steal an extremely limited selection of mons from other trainers" thing...pretty much crippled it. Really, take the classic gameplay elements of the handheld games and the story and full 3D graphics of the Colosseum games and I can almost guarantee you'd have an instant hit. My only theory is that Nintendo doesn't actually like steaming great wads of cash as much as they let on.
  13. I used to wonder why they didn't do that as well, but then I realised that it could lead to you getting permanently stuck. If you're in a cave that requires Surf to get out of, and you delete Surf without thinking, you'd better have an escape rope.
  14. It needs a story. As in a proper, driving plot, not just some incidental stuff that happens while you're on your way to the next gym. That alone would breathe some life into it again. Also, it'd be nice to have some level of interaction with your mons aside from cockfighting and HM moves. Like if you could whip out your Charizard and have it melt through a door for you. Probably too ambitious considering the variety of monsters at this point, but it'd be great if they could pull something like that off.
  15. Grrr sexist grrr indignance grrr.
  16. Ah, but did he draw it? DID YOU DRAW IT, EULOGIC?
  17. They're right, though. Goldeneye IS better.
  18. This question seems to assume that if something is bad, people aren't going to listen to it. I need only point at Kelis' "Milkshake" to demonstrate this theory to be false.
  19. You know. While it says a lot about those self-appointed moral guardians that many of them seem to think violence is acceptable as long as the stuff that leaks out when you cut a living creature in half isn't red... ...it also says a lot about gamers that they're prepared to completely write off a game that they would otherwise really enjoy just because the stuff that leaks out when you cut a living creature in half isn't red.
  20. I don't know about that. Yes, the nostalgia factor still plays a part, no doubt, but I (for one) think I'd still enjoy a lot of the shows I watched as a kid even if I hadn't watched them as a kid. (TMNT was not one of them.) I mean, there are a few cartoons from CN's earlier lineup (Samurai Jack, for instance) that I never watched as a young'un and yet I still think they're great now. That's not to say anything of what CN's currently showing. I haven't really watched any of it, so I can't really comment. I'm just lending some support to the idea that maybe the current line-up actually is shit compared to the older stuff and it isn't just the rose-tinted nostalgia lenses making people think that way.
  21. 300 pages. You'd think we'd be running out of bosses by now.
  22. That would be a reasonable theory if not for the fact that (presumably) the people complaining about it would still enjoy CN's earlier schedules if they were being shown today, even though they are not the target demographic. I, for one, would definitely watch Ed Edd 'n Eddy if they brought it back.
  23. So which character gets resurrected by everyone crying really hard this time?
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