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  1. Hey guys, here is a remix that I arranged for the SFRG Competition. It is pretty much finished, just want to get some feedback before I submit to ocremix. ReMix - Sources are Cyber Maze Core and Dark Necrobat
  2. A chiptune interpretation of a great song by K.K. - source - remix (draft 1) -
  3. I was browsing in some of my old project folders and i found this Zelda piano remix attempt of Sheik's and Zelda's theme (and also Item catch, Lost woods at the end) i made about 3 years ago. I think i was experimenting with different harmonies and stuff. I don't know if i'll ever continue with this (probably not), but i thought i'd share it here, maybe someone likes it -Markus
  4. I'm having trouble with the background pad. I want it to have a nice midrange lull, but however I sculpt the sound or EQ, it ends up too quiet or clipping (and that's with the limiter on).
  5. Hi there. This was the first piece of game music I really fell in love with. I wanted to try and go for a sort of strange transition thing, to mark lisa's change in the scene. This is also my first attempt at a remix. I'm just looking for some feedback on what I should be focussing on right now. And if anyone feels the need to say it's terrible go right ahead. I won't be hurt....honest:grin:. Thanks in advance. Dark-Eco My Remix draft 1: Draft 2: Draft 3: Source Tune: I've now updated with my improved version love to hear what you think.
  6. I'm working on a remix of Undertale. WIP 2: WIP 1: I'm using "Your Best Friend" as the main source this time. Since this melody also appears in various other tracks in the OST, I'll try to incorporate elements from those tracks as well. Any feedback or criticism are greatly appreciated Source:
  7. 120 BPM - 128 BPM - Hello friends! This is actually the first of my creations that I feel like is realistically close to the standard of submissions to OCRemix, so I really want to make sure it delivers. This track has been one of my favorites for as long as I can remember. The original is great, the Black Mages remix is mind-blowing and the Distant Worlds orchestral rendition is superb. I wanted to take this track to another genre while simultaneously getting out of my comfort zone of "giving the original track some newer sounding samples," so here's the end result. It's my first EDM-influenced track and I had so much fun putting it together! It's gone through a few peer reviews to get to this point, but I am still very open to any sort of criticism to make it better. The name "Esthar Hills Cop" came when a friend pointed out that it sounds like something Harold Faltermeyer (writer of Axel F AKA the Beverly Hills Cop theme) would have written. I took the opening synth that usually cuts out after a few loops and made that my bass line throughout the majority of the track as opposed to the thumping quarter notes in the original. I spent hours running the bass through various effects until I finally said "screw it, let's try a vocoder" and strangely enough, it gave me exactly what I was looking for. Lesson learned - don't be afraid to try something unorthodox because you can always Ctrl-Z back to what you had, and you might stumble upon something awesome in the process. EDIT: 128 BPM version posted per recommendation of APZX. Original:
  8. Hi, everyone! It's kinda intimidating for me to post a topic here. Especially since a lot of my favorite ReMixers already precede me by sharing their own WIPs with you all before they quickly became really outstanding pieces of music. I recently worked on a remix of 'Ada's Theme' from 'Resident Evil 2' and, as I know it's far from being perfect, I was wondering if I could get some very helpful advices from you guys. Maybe it'll help me make the track … listenable. Original Source: Remix (ver. 2.0):'s+Theme+%28ver.+2.0%29.mp3 I do not expect it to be good enough to be submitted to OCR, I am way too bad at mixing and mastering to make it sound THAT great. I just wish I could end up with the best arrangements I possibly can for it. Thanks in advance.
  9. So, in Undertale, there's a character by the name of W.D. Gaster. Long story short, he's a character whose existence is only mentioned via manipulation of the game's code, and among these manipulations is actually for the guy, which I decided to try and remix into a full-fledged battle theme. Of course, the theme isn't exactly a sprawling and elaborate piece of music, so I have a lot of room to work with.Here's a link to the remix! This is most definitely not finished; there's still a bit of composition work I want to do, and I haven't so much as touched anything as far as mixing goes, so it might sound a bit muddled or clippy or other such odd bits and bobs. It's more of a proof of concept I wanted to share so I can get some feedback on what I'm doing right and where to go from here!
  10. Hi, everyone! I have been trying to do a few video game covers/remixes, but I have to say that I have been going through things mostly blind (or maybe deaf is the term?) Anyway, I am aware that this community has a reputation for offering great constructive criticism, so I wanted to submit something I did relatively recently. In terms of arranging, I usually err on the side of going too conservative with the original piece. For this one, I did a couple of things...I tried to swing the piece (whereas in the original, the notes are straight). Additionally, since in the game, there is another song that plays in close proximity to this one, I tried to integrate motifs from that song (the second youtube link below) in the latter half of the piece. I'm wondering if you would judge that it came out well? My cover: Original (main song): Original (spliced in song during the latter half of the cover/remix):
  11. Yep, been having a go at the compos and not much time for smaller projects, but I've been sitting on this one for a bit and I would love....1) to see it finished 2) to hear some lyrics over it...both lofty goals, but for now I'll just see what you think of it As always Thank You for listening! Remix Source
  12. Hey guys, YoungProdigy here. I'm currently working a Latin remix of the Mega Man Battle Network Battle Theme. With this remix; I was trying to for a Steely Dan vibe. It's pretty much finished. You can listen to the source song here: You can listen to my remix here:
  13. Dear OCR Community... This is my second remix. I thought it a good idea to look at the "Requests" forum for ideas and found one from "DoubleBro7" that was both fun and challenging. Here's the URL of the original tune on YouTube: Here's the URL to my remix of same: <- This is the ReMix Here's a screen shot of the remix in the DAW (helps explain the mix): My attempt was to focus on the Celtic feel I got from listening to the original. I tried to stay with the swing 12/8 feel and add triplets as spice. I also added harmony throughout and a new melody line in the middle. Please provide feedback as I always find it helpful Thanks... dabedaab (Steve Snider)
  14. I've been working on this for a while. I submitted an atmospheric Death Egg song ages ago that was nowhere near OCR quality, this I realize. However, after being off the site for a while and finally coming back, I want to try my hand again, this time with symphonic rock. Source material: Death Egg Zone, Hidden Palace Zone I was gonna start off with this as Finished because I've been working it with some feedback offsite, but I'm still getting feedback and would like y'all's so here it is as a WIP.
  15. Hi! I created a remix of the DKC 2 Credits theme, to give it an uptempo groove. This is an original remix, which I created in FL Studio 11. I took the main elements from the original track, and revamped it with an upbeat tempo and some cameos of my favorite DKC2 songs. Please take a listen, any and all feedback is appreciated. This version has included the judges' feedback. Looking for feedback on their improvement points: Sidechaining the kick to the bass and backing elementsReducing repetitionAdding more SFX and sweepsDialing back the levelsAdding more panning to spread out soundVariation to beat, and beefier kick/snareAchieving a track that evolves over time This feedback was based on the older version I submitted to the OC remix judges: Specific feedback can be seen here: Original track: THANK YOU!
  16. I started working on the Underwater Theme from the original Super Mario Bros. I went through what's in the original song and I'm not entirely sure where I want to go with it but I'm liking this so far! Let me know what you think! <3 <3 <3
  17. Goodness gracious, it's been a long time posting something new here. Anyway: Extreme-G - Nocturnal Hive (WIP #1) Been revising my dated 'Nocturnal' remix in Renoise since yesterday. Most of the XG mix is done, but as this is work-in-progress, I haven't got the lead, the sound effects, and/or other parts yet. Also, please let me know if you have any suggestions to help improve what I have so far. =) I hope you'll enjoy. Based on 'City 2: Urban Motorway' from Extreme-G (1997). SOURCE
  18. It's a thing that I did. Source - Remix -
  19. I would like to announce that Jeremy Robson and I have started work on a remake of his arrangement "A Falcon, A Whale, And An Unknown Land". At 10:54 in length this piece features airship/overworld themes from Final Fantasy IV, VI, and VII. We're also very pleased that this remake will feature several solo artists which will make the piece more exciting and realistic. If you would like to hear the old version please go here: Stay tuned for more information coming soon. -Derek
  20. Originals: (Best version ever ) Remix: This project has been on the back-burner for a few years now, and last winter I listened to the Canadian Brass version of toccata and fugue in d minor and thought, "Hey, that sounds like the Doopliss battle theme a little". So I put in some parts from toccata (most aren't in this rendered version/intro sounded too cheesy) and I wanted to pick this remix back up again this summer. The transitions aren't great and some drum sounds aren't set, but most of the outline sans intro of the track is relatively there. I also started out with the mini-boss theme, don't know why.
  21. Let me first say that I have no idea what the hell I've done. Boredom + Midi Keyboard + Zeliard soundtrack, I suppose. This was literally the first thing that came to mind upon hearing Zeliard's "Satono Town" track.. I'm not sure if it's even worth pursuing(or if I'll get around to it). Then again, I do recall 'Super Mario's Sleigh Ride'. Not that this would ever compare to that masterpiece of a mix. I just felt like taking a break from more serious things. It's not a particularly fancy arrangement at this point. Source: Edit 7/30: After exploring the main melody a bit more I don't think I'd be able to pull off a full mix/blend of the two songs(I wasn't expecting to in the first place). I hope this has been entertaining nonetheless, but I think this will be shelved indefinitely.
  22. Hello everyone! I decided to make an account here so that I could really get serious about improving my remixes, so I'm starting off by posting a recent orchestration I did of the surfing theme from pokemon ruby/sapphire. Mainly, I'm looking for feedback about the quality of sound. I'm still not very good at making unique arrangements, but I've been trying to work on it. I think I could use work on things like mastering/dynamics and such, but tips on anything would be appreciated! Here's a link to the newest version of the remix: ..and here's a link to the source in case you haven't heard it:
  23. Hi, Here's a remix of the ever so popular Luna's Boat Song / Wind Nocturne from that super old JRPG. I would love some tips / advice how to get the recording to sound awesome. I only know the basics of EQ / compression / reverb, and it seems like I've got a long way to go before I get a super pro quality sound. Detailed feedback & constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated! Luna's Boat Song [2015.07.06] Source Thanks, Jer
  24. Arrangement from SF2 Music Masashi HAMAUZU ORIGINALS: Thema: Missgestalt: REMIX:
  25. Hey, this is my first remix that's anywhere close to completion so I figured I should post it in the Workshop and see what people think. Basically, I was doodling around in SONAR one day and realized I could very easily turn it into the Bonnes' theme from Megaman Legends, and it eventually turned into this. Any advice is welcome. Source: ReMix: And if there are any errors/missing information with how or where I posted this, please let me know. edit (7/8/2015): Updated the link with a newer version.