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Super Smash Bros Brawl

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I've been looking at the different trophy descriptions, and they all seem like stuff Sakurai has written, at least going off of the things that were on the Dojo.

To say the least the trophies are very cute, and endearing to read.

Same could be said about the descriptions for the challenges, hehe.

Hehe, have you read the glowing descriptions of each Kirby character? Yeah, I'm pretty sure Sakurai wrote the trophy descriptions, lol.

Anyway, this is the most mind-blowing video of Link you'll ever see:

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"pro" gamers depress me...

Anyway, I didn't think I'd have so much fun going through the adventure mode again but it's been sweet. Took me a lot less time the second time around too :)

My one savegame is at 99% and I'm just trying to get a ton of new stickers and trophies by playing a second game. I'm on 430+ trophies at the moment (or was it 340?). I love collecting stuff in this game.

Some of the challenges are rediciulous though. Beating Bosses mode on Insane difficulty level? It's doable of course, I just haven't been bothering trying to figure out the best strategy to beach each separate boss...

Overall the events wern't as much fun as Melee's but I guess I kinda rushed through them.

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Yeah, I really have no desire to revisit the adventure mode. I find it to be tedious.

It reminded me of the Great Cave Offensive (and it should have), which was fun. I don't know what went wrong.

That's not an uncommon sight in cross-genre games I suppose. If it were just a platformer game they'd probably made it a ton better. Still, I didn't find it too bad at all.

Hmm we could use some good, new platform games though :)

OR, I could play my SNES games again *flashback to awesome times* 0_0; Man my 'fro looked bad back then.

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The coin launcher in my game has been quite useless for sometime now... No more new trophies seem to be earned through the launcher at all anymore. I have over 10k just sitting there. :?


The last time I checked, I had em up in the 9000's, so i assumed that i would now have around 10k.

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I think it's actually due to the horrible load times.

Bingo. It takes some time to load the actual playable characters into the game. When you play 100-man/Endless Brawl, you'll notice the disc being read every 25 kills when it loads in a playable character as the CPU.

Also, I wish this game didn't blow so much online.

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Yeah, it's honestly like they barely tried. I almost wish that Sakurai had gone with Iwata's original idea, that way they would have focused more on the online aspect.

I wish they would play it themselves so I could see what they'd have to say. What was the point of adding online play when there is a 1-2 second delay the whole match? It almost makes me wish I'd have to pay for an online service from Nintendo just so their online system could be a hell of a lot better with actual accounts.

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