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Super Smash Bros Brawl

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1. You're not dodging enough/using your shield.

2. You're not proficient with aiming your Pk Thunder.

3. Ness has PK Fire to keep some distance between slower characters and himself, which you have totally neglected.

I'm not a Ness expert in the least, but these are what jumped out to me.

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Points taken, from both accounts. Thanks for the advice.

I forgot to mention that I like to play with nunchuk+wiimote and lately the bluetooth connection between my controllers on my Wii or something like that are messing up my gameplay hence sometimes automatically batting at inopportune times or losing control of my PK thunder/using PK Fire instead of Thunder. It's getting really annoying and I'm thinking of switching back to the Wavebird, even though I don't like it as much.

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I miss Zhu. The thing that always impressed me about his relentlessness was his ability to play incredibly smart all while having flawless tech skill. His ability to tap into both mind games and tech skill was what made him so good.


I told you to come down the the tournament we had. Zhu, Silent Specter and Falcomist along with others like HomeMadeWaffles was there playing Melee and messing around in Jack In The Box with us
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for all you brawl is gays im going back to melee people you do realize that pretty much all tourneys are brawl now right

So? I can play melee if I want even though most people are sticking to brawl for tournaments (at least for now, who's to say down the road?).

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No, there's got to be some people out there high-fiving themselves for picking Snake/DDD on day one.

This would be me. Not that I'm good with DDD, but I'm so glad I wasn't SO IDIOT like my friends and basically ignore him because "playing as a giant penguin with a hammer is stupid."

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