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ASK A JUDGE: While we're busy NOT voting - your questions, we want 'em


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The best image I can seem to find of the sidebar is this old screenshot of EA ReMix I capped back in '05. I thought djp kept a page of OCR design history with screenshots, but it seems to be long gone, or I'm just dumb and can't find it.

Ok that was heinous

odious as a..... yah get the point

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Uhmm..... Can I send in a VBR1 encode for all the mixes I have waiting to be posted?

I could prepare a ZIP file :tomatoface:

Or you don't need the updates because they are already 192kbps and that's the acceptable minimum?

Doesn't matter either way to me. I'm also accepting WAVs if you don't feel like thinking about it. All the projects mixes you've done though, I already have WAVs of those.

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might i be so bold as to inquire once again about any plans for a potential upcoming 1901-XX torrent?

Its being worked on. Trust me, I bug them enough about it internally that it'll be done sooner rather than later. Although that's all relative to perspective of time. Just know that I never let them forget that we have to do it :P

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