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Donkey Kong Country 2: Serious Monkey Business - History

Geoffrey Taucer

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Haha, stevo literally guessed it in one try, and I didn't react quick enough to believably deny it.

Makes little difference at this point who knows and who doesn't; we're gonna let the cat out of the bag pretty soon.

I also guessed it with Bahamut, and he didn't deny it either.

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For those that missed my big reveal:

The secret track is a supercollab with djpretzel, virt, Protricity, Mustin, Schabubula, Seifer, and DJ Frog.

I've heard that they have also recently added HoBoKa and CompyFox to that mix. Atomic Dog is also presumably contributing in some fashion.

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Well, I called Dave Wise and Robin Beanland being part of the secret after matching the number of ???'s in their names, but Grant Kirkhope is a great surprise! Two of my favorite composers collaborating on one of my favorite songs? I can't wait! :-D

You guys really went above and beyond on this - I don't know how you managed to get them to contribute to this project but I'm glad you did!!

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Here's a rough summation of how it went down in IRC:

GT: Do you know T3h secret yet?

L99: No, but I'm sure it's amazing and I hate you already for having it.

GT: Oh, you have no idea....

L99: You got David Wise to do a track for you, didn't you?


* L99 ate his own keyboard

GT: Good guess.

He showed us a little bit at the NC meetup, and I was lost for words...

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