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ideas for a musical


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can you guys give me some ideas for a musical that i'm going to write? i have a lot of musical ideas but i need a story to go with them. can i please get some serious ideas not stupid ideas or jokes? i'm hoping to do musical theater after school so this will really help. something interesting and clever please! thanks ahead of time.

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I came up with some plot summaries for you:

Each year, in the dusty town of Anywhereville, there is a great chili cookoff. The strongest and most reputed chili cooking tribes engage in a fierce chili cooking battle that lasts an entire week. The Jalapeño Marauders, who have the secret to the best spice, and the Tomato Terrors, who have the secret to the best consistency, are the leaders of the back. If only they could share their secrets to create the ultimate chili, true happiness and peace would reign in Anywhereville - yet there are a few who know - Can they bring peace to this town before destruction reigns down like a post-chili-cookoff-induced diarrhea thunderstorm?

Chubby Nuts, the most timid hamster in the pet store, wasn’t the fastest wheel runner. Nor did he have the greatest cheek-stuffing capacity. He couldn’t even chew a hole in the cage like his smart-assed cousin Waffle Toes - He was a laugh to all at Joey’s Pet Shop. But that is all about to change. After being adopted and encountering an unknown toxin on his new aspiring owner’s hand, he has a wealth of inhuman, or should we say “inhamster”, abilities. His old friends at the pet store have been kidnapped by PETA and it’s up to SUPER CHUBBY NUTS to return them to their rightful home. On top of that, his new owner, a nerdy 10-year-old girl named Madeline, is getting bullied at school - Not for long though, because SUPER CHUBBY NUTS will prevail over evil and hatred!

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How about a musical where a number of young artists live together in poverty in a community in New York, where they deal with love, AIDS, and death as they look for acceptance? You could base the story off a classic opera and elude to one of it's most recognizable themes in your music.

Or maybe write a musical based on a well-received book. I hear Gregory Mcguire has some good ones that might adapt well into a musical format.

All joking and references to existing musicals aside, what exactly do you mean by write a musical? Write a script? Write song lyrics? Write the score? Some combination of those?

I don't have any real ideas, only to point out that this is *a lot* of work. Especially if you want to be a composer and lyricist (it will help you out *a ton* to be both) who would work with someone else who would provide the script and story, it might be a better direction for you right now to take an existing story, find a few scenes in it that you feel are good candidates for songs, and write the songs to go with them rather than deal with the stress of trying to write a whole show from scratch. By all means write a show if that's what you really want to do, it *has* worked out for a beginner to do a successful show before (listen to the episodes in this podcast; it's an interview with Stephen Schwartz); even completing a non-successful show is a big feat too.

Good luck, and hopefully someone else comes up with a serious suggestion. Honestly though, look at existing literature; even if you adapt something instead of using it as-is, you can get somewhere.

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A college student has lived a sheltered life with very few friends to confer to. Usually alone with no role model or parental figure to help guide his actions and determine a goal throughout life, he one day watches a show, and along with it, music so beautiful and awe inspiring that it has managed to enchant both his heart and mind to look for change and a future. Seeking to learn a new instrument (piano), he begins his journey into a new world he never knew filled with new friends, a society on the beginning of change, a new found love in the appreciation and joys of music and a brighter path to the future forged before him. He will walk forth a thorny path growing like branches on a tree to a dream he never thought was possible.

Pretty much sums up a few people I know.

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There are a lot of things that have to be decided before you want to write a musical. If you want a very stereotypical Broadway musical, then you'd want to have a lot of components in there that are basically cheesy. But some off kilter stuff is also welcome, as long as it fits in with the style of the music and lyrics. Urinetown is my favorite off beat musical. It has a dark humor, and highly sarcastic overtones. No matter what you do, there always has to be a love story of some degree. What you do with that love story is another thing. You can go the whole Les Mis route and kill the other love interest or you could keep her alive, like in Jekyll and Hyde.

Anyway, basing stuff off of already published works is great. Count of Monte Cristo would be very cool, or even The Office.

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An Ace Attorney musical. The first Pheonix Wright game would be great. Pheonix would be a tenor, Edgeworth a baritone, Von Karma a bass, Maya a soprano, and Mia an alto.

... Actually, I'm not sure how it would work in reality. I'm just thinking about the requisite scene where Phoenix belts out OBJECTION in song. Yes...

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An Ace Attorney musical. The first Pheonix Wright game would be great. Pheonix would be a tenor, Edgeworth a baritone, Von Karma a bass, Maya a soprano, and Mia an alto.

... Actually, I'm not sure how it would work in reality. I'm just thinking about the requisite scene where Phoenix belts out OBJECTION in song. Yes...

I second this, and what would Gumshoe be?

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Kanthos - I just want a general idea, i'll fill in the story and write all the songs on lyrics. and i'm not trying to make it to broadway right now :-) so dont worry about my expirience or anything. i just have a lot of musical ideas and i want a way to put them down.

Katsurugi - i'm not really worried about making a "typical broadway musical". and i dont think that a love story is a neccessity. Count of Monte Cristo sounds cool but would take a WHOLE lot of work. its very complex and has a huge amount of charecters.

more ideas please! anyone! i really need something creative to work on outside of the compositions that i do for school. and please no dumb ideas or jokes, i dont even know why i bother asking that :-(

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A thought that's been running through my head is an opera about being stuck at an airport (i.e. all flights cancelled due to bad weather). It lends itself well to character development, but plot is a little difficult. Might be an acceptable challenge. Just a thought...

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You've seen "Goatse: The Image". Now come and see...

Goatse: The Musical

Find out about him as he reveals himself to you...

"It's gaping and It's red.

It'll get into your head.

Make you my friend I'll try.

Just gaze into my brown eye.

As you can plainly see,

someone did marry me.

But little does she know

I have a big asshoooooooooole!

This is my own fun,

stretching apart both my buns.

Oh no now here she comes!

'What're you doing?'

Nothing huuuuuuuuuuuun."

Learn of his fears and weaknesses...

"I may seem rather crude.

I come off rather rude.

To trash they say I aaaam akiiiiiiin.

Here I am. So open.

I'm worried, but I'm hopin',

that you can help fiiiiiiill me iiiiiiin.

Why do people find me crass, somewhat foul and vulgar too?

Won't you please give me a chance to prove myself to you?

Can't you look past all I'll done... just turn an eye that's blind?

Can't you feel some pity, and not leave me behiiiiiiiind?"

And feel the pain of his ass as the stress builds on it...

"Oh my God!

Am I fucked?

Inside me your hands are tucked!

What the hell?

Fucking stop!

I feel like I'm going to pop!

I just really can not see,

why you're doing this to me.

I think that I will soon rip,

because of your vice-like grip.

I'm begging and I'm pleading,


The life... the times... the sphincter.

Goatse: The Musical

Tickets go on sale June 29th.

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