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Sonic Unleashed


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And thus the cycle of the Sonic fan continues again...

The screenshots look awesome, the trailer looks awesome, the concept sounds decent and unique, and Sonic fans all over are crossing their fingers hoping this is Sonic's return to console glory.

It's Sonic Riders/Sonic Heroes/Shadow the Hedgehog/Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 all over again.

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well, not quite.

Most of those games looked like they were going to be shit from the start. This one tho, had a great trailer showing classic sonic gameplay in a 3d environment, which surely tickled my fancy.

But then this, a werewolf? slow brawling gameplay in a sonic game? yeah cuz that's what sonic fans have been asking for years -_-;

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so okay, 2 things. One, they're gonna keep the roster to just sonic, knuckles, tails, and the guys from SA and stuff. Two, did you see the trailer? The 2D action looks awesome. Don't assume yet. Third, http://kotaku.com/photogallery/sonicunleashed/1001001125?viewSize=thumb1280x1280

I'm relatively certain that the picture you linked to was Sonic's face when they told him Sonic Team was at it again. They probably took the picture for lulz, then realized how depressing it was that even Sonic thinks this shit has gone on for long enough.

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Jeez with all the negativity in this thread...Everyone knows the Sonic Advance games, Sonic Rush games, and Sonic and the Secret Rings were good games. If not good, at least they were better than average.

Assuming the werewolf mechanic doesn't dominate the gameplay, this should be a great game for Sonic.

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Well, the game itself looks like a nice change of direction.

This statement right here is what I found what's wrong in ALL sonic games lately. (Except for the Sonic Rush Series.)

I heard they were making it 2-d. Awesome.

I saw the video of him running thru a level. Sweet.

I saw the picture of him as a werewolf. F@#k.

They better not go too much with this werewolf thing, it seems deviation is what ruined the other games.

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