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G-T - Public Address 005 (New FFMusic DJ and Zircon)


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Go. Bolded a couple worthwhile parts of the tracklist. I don't normally do this but I included some work from guys around these parts for DJ sets. You know them as FFMusic DJ and Zircon. (Thanks for advance copies of these tracks, guys :P)


Global-Trance - Public Address 005 (Part 1) Tracklist


01. Ohmna - People Get Lost (Original Mix) [0:00 - 07:45]

02. Markus Schulz featuring Dauby - Perfect (Jerome Isma-ae Remix) [07:45 - 14:00]

03. Armin van Buuren featuring Susana - If You Should Go (Inpetto vs. Duderstadt Remix) [14:00 - 19:37]

04. Allende - Winter Leaves (Original Mix) [19:37 - 27:15]

05. Invisible Sounds - Tonight (Original Mix) [27:15 - 33:47]

06. Ronski Speed featuring Aruna - All the Way (Jonas Steur Remix) [33:47 - 39:20]

07. Adrian Ivan - No One Else (Deep Mix) [39:20 - 44:05]

08. Dobenbeck featuring Joanna - Please Don't Go (Chris Reece Remix) [44:05 - 49:20]

09. Jaytech - Pepe Garden (Original Mix) [49:20 - 54:51]

10. Mystique - Just a Thought (Original Mix) [54:51 - 63:10]

Global-Trance - Public Address 005 (Part 2) Tracklist


01. Utada Hikaru - Passion (FFMusic DJ Bootleg Mix) [0:00 - 08:53]

02. Michael Badal featuring Tiff Lacey - Don't Be Afraid (Original Mix) [08:53 - 16:46]

03. Anton Sonin & Amx vs Nic Chagall featuring Sari - Undone in San Francisco (Global-Trance Bootleg Mix) [16:46 - 25:12]

04. Shawn Mitiska and Joey Medina - After Hours Ensemble (David West Remix) [25:12 - 30:37]

05. Cary Brothers - Ride (Blake Jarrell Remix) [30:37 - 36:46]

06. Marcus Schossow - Swedish Beatballs (Original Mix) [36:46 - 44:43]

07. David West - True Love (Original Mix) [44:43 - 51:07]

08. Jose Amnesia featuring Jennifer Rene - Wouldn't Change a Thing (Blake Jarrell Remix) [51:07 - 59:29]

Global-Trance - Public Address 005 (Part 3) Tracklist


01. The Doppler Effect - Beauty Hides in the Deep (John O'Callaghan Remix) [0:00 - 06:48]

02. Filo & Peri featuring Eric Lumiere - Anthem (John O'Callaghan Remix) [06:48 - 12:03]

03. Talla 2XLC - No In Between (Duderstadt Progressive Mix) [12:03 - 18:21]

04. Daniel Kandi - I Found the Way (Original Mix) [18:21 - 24:21]

05. Zircon featuring Jillian Goldin - Breathing You In (Indecent Noise & Andre Glensk Remix) [24:10 - 30:24]

06. Sly One vs. Jurrane - Time Bomb (Tom Colontonio Remix) [30:24 - 36:26]

07. Solarstone - Seven Cities (Tom Colontonio Bootleg Mix) [36:26 - 41:57]

08. Luke Terry presents Akemi - Alone Without You (Michael Angelo and Jim Remix) [41:57 - 48:35]

09. Bart Claessen - First Light (Original Mix) [48:35 - 53:54]

10. Andy Blueman - Nyctalopia (Onova Remix) [53:54 - 61:10]

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Interesting to hear some OCR-related stuff in the mixes. Keep up the good work, GT!

Not to steal G-T's thunder or anything, but if anyone's interested, Sly One has some mixes available. link

Yes! Slyone has released a new set as well! After 2007 passed and with no mix released, I thought that he had stopped releasing mixes, to my dismay. =(

His mixes are amongst my favourite, alongside G-T's, I didn't know anyone else really knew of him.

(Again, sorry for stealing G-T's thunder, but, hey, it's just all the more love for tranceheads out there. And it's not like ya'll won't be listening to G-T's mixes anyway).

Hooray, this is a great day for Trance and DJing!! Well, at least, in my household at least...

I absolutely loved Thoughts on a Shoreline, (as well as your House Mixes), and I'll eagerly wait to listen to this new glorious set of music. =D

(And I haven't listened to AvB's ASoT in a while, so it'll be good to see what new tunes have been circulating the scene recently)

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Yea well hold on I am working on something.

And yea, Zircon and FFMusic DJ would probably like some more feedback. They were kind enough to give me advances of some stuff related to their work and I usually take that sort of stuff with an open mind. I've heard some people are JUST starting to realize the FFMusic DJ remix is from Kingdom Hearts II. I thought it would have clicked a little sooner considering we're all gamers around these parts... but I guess not. :P

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What, people haven't heard "Passion" before? I like the japanese version better than "My Sanctuary."

Yeah, FFmusic DJ's track was great, as was Jill and Zirc's. I've never heard the original of their track before, though, so I can't really compare that with the remix. Guess I'll have to buy their cd's, then.

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Thanks Broken :) The original (Breathing You In) is on my CD "Antigravity", which is at www.cdbaby.com/zircon3 as well as iTunes, www.zirconstudios.com/store.html, and some other digital distributors. BYI is going to be released as an EP/single along with a bunch of remixes in July on a label, at which point it'll be up on Beatport, Juno, and others too.

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Excellent mixes, as usual, though I haven't finished listening yet (I prefer listening on long train rides - all your other mixes are on my iPod too!)

What did everyone think of the remix of Breathing You In on 003, by the way?

The track really sits well with all the other mainstream trance out there, I digged it!

The discontinuous 'broken' effect at 27:37 was a highlight, for me. It helped in terms of piquing listener interest.

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