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Sonic the Hedgehog 'Green Hill Zone' - please give feedback.

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That was quite enjoyable! Nice variations on the theme, solid rhythm and beat throughout... the intro feels a little weird to me, but overall I love it!

I'm with skullbullet. At 0:50 the pitch bend sounds a little off-key to me. Besides that, I think this is actually the best Green Hill Zone remix I've heard. At first I was afraid it was too close to the original, until your quazi-guitar solo. Actually, I think a real guitar would have ruined it. The way it is it keeps that 16-bit feel. I would almost believe this was recorded right off the Genesis as part of the end credits medley after you beat the game or something. Lol.

Not sure the judges would consider it different enough from the original, but I really think you should submit this.

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Very enjoyable! I do like the 16-bit vibe, absolutely. Great leads - true about that "fake guitar" - that's a fantastic sound.

It does need work on other aspects of production. While the synths are pretty good, and some are great, drums really, really lack nearly all the required energy and punch. The bass is too loud, and rather boring also, especially during the green hill zone sections such as :36-1:16. It sounds better/more fitting in the next part, though.

When the first part starts again after the drum solo, it's pretty much the original part over again - that point would definitely need something new happening.

There's also a conflicting chord at 00:13 and in the subsequent repeat. I often like some dissonance in my music but that's not the good sounding kind.

I liked it and hope you make it great. :)


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Ooo, very catchy. Nice job so far.

It's spunky, calm, and cool at the same time.

Although, if there's anything to improve, I'd have to say:

a. It's a little weak, like the percussion really lacks that oomph.

b. It could use a little more energy, some parts need to be EQ'ed to sound sharper and to sound out more.

c. It's very conservative, it sticks really close to the source. It might not make OCremix for that reason, however I think it's a well done remix.

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I like it a lot! it has a very origional feel to it. I think the lead would sound sick as a live guitar. but its great the way it is too. I also love the way it fades out at the end.

I do agree that the drum samples should be changed, though its by far the best green hill mix I've heard!

good job!

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[X] Low-quality samples

PERFORMANCE (live recorded audio/MIDI parts)

[X] Wrong notes, general sloppiness


[X] Too repetitive

PERSONAL COMMENTS (positive feedback, specifics on checklist criticisms, any other thoughts)

The sole reason for the low-quality sample check is for one thing; the drums. They're just way too low-energy compared to the rest of the track. They sound decent in the intro, but once it breaks into the main song you can barely even feel their presence. It could be something as simple as just boosting their volume a little, but I can't really hear it enough to gauge whether or not new drum samples are required or not.

The wrong notes generally lie with what others have mentioned, not all the bends sound "on", most notably the one starting at :50 (also as mentioned by someone else).

It's too repetitive in that once you get to 2:34 it breaks back into the main theme, a transition that really feels forced. Sad because the solo over it at the end is fantastic and deserves better than a retread of the main melody.


As others have mentioned, the sampled guitar sounds better than in this context than a real guitar would, and I find myself digging it tremendously. Don't fade out during the ending guitar solo, find some way to fill it out a bit more!

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In addition to the aforementioned production issues, there's too much reliance on the original structure and arrangement for this to fly at ocr. For much of the song after the intro, itsounds like a midi rip with replaced instruments and slower tempo. It does branch off later to other parts, which are pretty nice (like the guitar mentioned above).

If you're planning on working this to submit here, you need to step back and take a look at what direction you want this piece to go so it reflects some personalization. After that, start working on your production.

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Heh, this song gives me chills. Good chills, I mean, so it's not terrible by all means! Some random notes (first the good then the bad):

-How the song goes into the actual Green Hill Zone tune in 0:35; works really well

-Even though the main lead there could be better, it's not bad. The background melody works, it seems so care-free. Liking it

-Nice solo that starts in 1:30

-Scratch that, it's not nice, it's awesome

Now the bad notes:

- Drum sounds could be better (except for the toms, I liked them)

- Some of the lead instruments could be replaced with better samples, I mean they do their job but they could be better

- Almost every pitch bend seems to go off-key. I like their idea but their execution is poor

- How the song starts again after all the soloing is over, was really a letdown. I stopped listening there.

In overall, this song however wins, because it sounds (mostly) like Green Hill Zone should sound like. It's easily my favorite Sonic track and you've done justice to it, so congrats. If you can work on the issues, the mix will be even better.

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Interesting. I found myself a bit put off at first because of the slower tempo, but after listening for the first minute or so, I became rather appreciative of it. It almost feels like the style was fused that of another game really (Mega Man perhaps? not sure...).

Now I'll admit the intro is a bit odd, but it works well enough into the main melody in the end that I really can't think of anything to say against it. It feels right even though it sounds a bit odd at first.

I liked the solo part of the second loop as well. It feels a bit minimal in nature and might play it just a little bit too safe, but overall really works well with the particular feel that you gave the tune, so I think that the majority of it is fine as is. However, the end of that particular section and the rather forced transition back into the regular melody doesn't work too aweful well. The small bit of drum solo that's there also lacks much luster. It really just needs something more to it and then a bit of work towards a better transition.

Contrary to what some people have said here, I actually like the ending the way it is. It does seem a bit odd to go into some more solo material here and then into a fadeout, but it's to that end that makes it seem that much more retro-ish to me. That's not something that I really much hear anymore but someone I would expect more of the era gone by. It works well IMO, but maybe that is just my opinion.

That said, I really do like overall what you've done with the tune. It does seem to go on for a bit more than it should (making it feel a bit repetitive in the process), but that's about the only other thing I can think of. Other than those few things, I think it's works fine in its own little niche. I don't really think that it's "Sonic" enough, but as an overall experience it is rather enjoyable. ^_^

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im gonna disagree with most of the comments about the bends. i think they should stay. it gives it a unique touch that has never been done with this song to my knowledge, and we've got enough of em. i am thoroughly impressed. kudos.

There's nothing wrong with the concept of the bends, it's just the execution is bad as it is currently.

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Nice man! Good Good Good. I have things to say.

First of all, I would love to hear this as the mp3, not playing through the myspace music player. I think some of the quality may be lost when playing through that.

I agree with the comments about the drums--right now they are way too soft, and are not giving enough support for the rest of the mix. I'm digging the 80's epic sound on the toms, but I'd like to hear a bit more thump in that bass drum, and have that snare come out a little fuller. I can't really hear your hi hats very well, and it sounds like you only have one crash cymbal sample. Try to get at least one other crash cymbal sample, so it doesn't sound quite so robotic. So bring the overall volume of the set up, eq up some of the lower freqs in the kick drum, some mid to highs in the snare, and get more cymbals!

I would love to hear more arrangement of the source tune. I love your introduction, and the way you go into the original tune at :35 is KILLER. But the melody here is basically a direct transcription of the original. There's a lot you can do with arranging this, especially with that bass line. Come up with some original harmonic riffs, counter-melodies, anything that would keep the accompaniment from sounding exactly like the original--that would help keep your arrangement fresh.

I do like the original content before the drum solo. Completely original sections help with the level of variation of the overall mix, but part of the appeal of the remixes here is seeing how one can interpret the original source track itself. You haven't actually arranged inside the source music, but rather have given it an intro, an original verse, and an outro. Solos count as arrangement for sure, but the accompaniment to your synth solo still sounds as if you've sampled the original track and just replaced the melody with a new one. So I implore you--get creative! Change up that bass line, use different sounds than the original, anything you can to create a better balance between sega's arrangement and yours!

I like your lead instruments--is there any chance of you using both the lead you used in the beginning and the lead you used for the solo for the chorus out (2:59)? Speaking in terms of the continuity of the arrangement, it's fine to introduce a new sound in the middle of the piece (which would be your solo synth)--but it's not fair to your first lead (the one that plays the melody in the beginning) to just cast it aside. I think you should keep it's role as a lead in the chorus out, and have the solo synth join it. Not a major concern, but I think it would round out your arrangement a little more nicely.

Also, the pitch bend in the beginning--it is a little awkward, but I like the idea. I don't believe it's catch that high C fast enough-- is there any way to speed it up a tad? That way, your high C won't sound quite as out of tune.

What you've got so far is really nice, I think you could do good things with this. Is there any chance you can find another place to host this mp3? Right now it's sounding kind of lo-fi and I'm wondering how much myspace is at fault. Good luck!!!

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hmm this is pretty dang good. Nice solo man. The drums do indeed lack energy though. Try layering them or boosting their gain/and or volume a bit. I'm unsure if the judges would like the 16-bit low-fi quality of the guitar. And the rinse and repeat thing just sounds like the song is looping and not really moving onwards except for the fact to reiterate itself. I don't have any suggestions as to how you can fix that part, because I'm no expert at progression =S.

Makes me wish I played the game more >_>

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man, i just found this site and registered just to tell you how awesome this song was... the buildup was great, i had no idea what was coming and then you introduced the theme so quickly and it was BAM! very smooth but hard.

the composition is spot on, the instruments sounds beauitful. went to ya myspace and listened to your songs, loved the devil may care one and jenova. zelda mountain theme, not so much.

i am about to get back into my music making (i used to use fruityloops and guitar, its not as bad as ppl think) but i'm sure there is alot better. tried cubase and thought it was just confusing.

what software do you use? and where do you get your samples/soundfonts/patches/whatever it is you use?

THE guys are right about the drums tho, lil weak. and also the song does lose its appeal after it breaks down and you bring the main theme back.

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Ok, I have done an update of the theme, I would like to thank everyone for their feedback.

Ok, the things i have changed are:

  • I have altered the mastering slightly in the track
  • The Drum EQ - The drums are crisper than in the origanal
  • I have lowered the bass in the mix
  • I have brought the main melody down one octave in the first run-through of the melody
  • I have changed the drum solo slightly
  • I have removed the one bar bass drum transition into the second run of the intro.
  • I have changed the chord sequence and added a synth riff in the second run of the intro
  • I have included extra pads in the second run-though of the main melody.
  • I have altered the chords and melody of the second run-through of the main melody
  • I have harmonized the melody in the seond run-through of the chorus

Thanks for all your feedback - keep it coming!

Heres the link to the beta version Sonic 1 - Green Hill Zone Remix

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Nice man! The stuff you did with the chorus out caught me totally off guard! Very cool, I felt like it sort of brought a unity between the original track and the original stuff you put in the middle. Good good. I also like how you varied up the bass line.

The only thing I'd like for you to change now is the one sonic and knuckles (is that the right game? lol) quote you have in the very beginning--I like the idea of that there, but can you hide it under a bit of reverb, and eq the upper frequencies off of it? I like the idea of having an epigraph there, but right now it's pretty pronounced, and a statement that strong is perhaps a bit inappropriate when the remix is actually a different theme... but it's not a major concern.

Oh yeah, and I'd still like to hear another crash cymbal in there ;)

Myspace does make things sound really lo-fi, so it really isn't fair to be judging production values when you play an mp3 through the myspace player. Can you host this mp3 on a different website?

edit- never mind, i used the download option and this sounds much better--I would encourage the wip listeners here to use that function. As far as I can tell, this sounds really good. However, at the very end of the .mp3 file, there is a glitch where it sounds like it starts playing another track. So make sure you don't accidentally submit it with that in there!!

What do you use for your lead "guitar" synth? I'd like to get my hands on it ;)

Nice work!!

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Sorry, but I am not getting a myspace to download this and hear the better quality...I also vote for uploading somewhere else. That being said, I definitely like your mix and have listened to it a couple times. I definitely like the changes you've made, especially in the "repeat" of the main theme late in the song. And I definitely like your original section starting a little 1:30...killer. I do notice that a lot of the drums follow the same pattern and then a measure near a transition is different. It sounds a lot like the drums in the second original section (2:45) are the same as in the first section and throughout the whole piece. I suggest that at least during the second part (2:45 onward) that instead of a measure resolution on the drums that you do a 2 measure resolution (instead of the drums being programmed for 16 16th notes, it's programmed for 32 16th notes with the drums 17-32 being a variation on 1-16 (which you already have)). Does that make sense?

Man, and that guitar is sweeeeet.

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i hate you. explantion: i want this on my ipod, yesterday. and i can't get it cuz you're only hosting it on myspace. this is so much better than it was when i first commented on it. you have made some wonderful improvements and i think you have a good chance with this one*. just some fine tuning and your golden.

*i am not a judge, and i cannot be held responsible if it's rejected. I only know what they tend to like cuz i've been here for a while, but i can't guarantee anything.

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