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Goodbye, children!


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Well that's good news. I hadn't heard that yet.

He was actually discharged, yesterday was he not? He will make a full recovery, but he's been allowed to go and recover at home rather than in the hospital where he doesn't need to be.

Suddenly, a plane crash lands on Samuel L. Jackson.

Did said plane have any snakes inside it? :nicework:

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Woah woah woah...are you kidding me? Hecks to the no. Oh and is this the same Isaac Hayes who gave the song "Disco Connection"? If so, the bboy world weeps...but yeah, R.I.P. to both men, both were very talented men.

Yup. Sad to say but it's true. But I've been a fan of his music since I was a kid growing up in Memphis. So this is definitely doubly sad for me.....

RIP Isaac Hayes.... tomorrow, I'm listening to nothing but his classic epic songs!!!!

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