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Online Risk or Risk in general

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So, there this website where you can play Risk online. Because I'm a pretty boring person and most of friends aren't, I don't play Risk a whole lot in real life. So this website is nice for me. But I swear, I have the worst damn luck when it comes rolling dice in that game. You don't actually roll, it's a random-number generator thingy that rolls the "dice" for you, but nonetheless it really dicks me a lot of the time. Anybody else like Risk or, god forbid, play the online version?

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I love Risk. It's impossible to get people together to play it though for me. It's just too long of a game for most people.

I haven't been able to find a good PC version of Risk. There is an older one "Risk II" that's alright. But I the dice always seems to randomly pick someone that they will favor and 9/10 times they win.

The only reason I even play this version is the real time risk mode, which is just amazing. Basically everyone takes their turn at the same time, which really puts an extra spin on things. Especially areas that are hotly contested where 3 or more people are trying to grab the same land.

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Risk is amazing, but it definitely takes too long. I've owned the game since 2004 and I've only played 3 complete games since then.

And sometimes you end up with a draw. I was playing with four friends. We eliminated one guy, but then the rest of us were too strong for the other to take out. So I ended with near-global domination, my best friend had fortress Asia and his girlfriend was left with Australia. Not a bad power-sharing agreement.

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