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OCR01025 - Mega Man 2 "Dr. Wily's Wedding"


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OMG That's GREAT HAHAHAHAHA! Beautiful! That would definitely go well at a wedding. If I ever get married, I want some kind of vgm played. I was thinking of Forever Rachael, but this would work too :)

Megaman seems to do well on piano. Both this and Cutman Sonata were excellent.

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While I can see why a perfectionist would have a few tiny insignificant problems with this peice (something felt ever so slightly choppy at the beginning, but not much) it's really very beautiful. I love piano mixes, and somehow, megaman translates so powerfully into piano. Cutman sonata, yes, but there was also Good Night Lil' Man too, don't forget. Both sound so wonderful, and this does as well.

Man... it's late at night, I should be going to bed as I type now, and listening to this song is not helping me keep my eyes open so I can type. This is so great! Okay, now typing with eyes closed.... so soothing... touch typing is great....


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this is a really nice rendition of such a great song. these days, it is entirely too easy for a person to slap a piano voice on a midi, and call it a day. The few live-recorded piano pieces that we have on this site are all very high quality, you can just hear and feel the difference. major props go to this song, although i would have fixed the mild brevity problem (the poor thing is too short) maybe i can just turn on the winamp crossfader, and set it to endless repeat....yeah, i think thats what i'm gonna do.

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Jayson Litrio,

if you have the sheet music for this piece, i would love greatly. I really enjoy this work and would love to be able to play it as well but i cannot for the life of me play by ear. So if u have this on transscribed, please let me know.


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Perfection - 5/5

I can't see anything wrong with it. I listened to it three times through, and then it inspired me to make a Overclocked Piano Remixes section in my iTunes:

Mega Man 2 Dr. Wily's Wedding OC ReMix

Mega Man 5 Good Night, Li'l Man OC ReMix


Mega Man Cutman Sonata OC ReMix

Yoshi's Island Yoshi's Rag OC ReMix

Mega Man 3 Blue Reflection OC ReMix

Metroid Bluebase Incidental OC ReMix

Zelda AmIEvil Jazz OC remix

Mega Man 3 Gemini Salsa OC ReMix

Super Mario Bros. 3 aquacadence OC ReMix

Zelda 64 Lullaby Proximitus OC ReMix

Super Mario 64 PearlSong OC ReMix

Yoshi's Island CrystallineCaverns OC ReMix

Golden Sun - Saturos

Super Mario 64 SunkenSuite OC ReMix

Your song heads it all up. Zebesian Midnight, SunkenSuite and now this are my three favorite Overclocked Remixes. I'd give them 6/5 but that's just silly. :D

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Wow, that's prolly all i've got to say. That was a beautiful piece. And I agree with you, NES tunes I believe make the best mixes for the whole sake that they're simplisticly astounding. And I must say, this was a job very well done. It's only a shame that the song is over before you really know it, but hey! that's what "repeat" is for! 8)

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I just wanted to respond to all of you guys and thank you for all of your kind, warm, and generous comments. I was a little unsure at first how people would take this one, and I'm very excited to hear that people are enjoying it. I'm truly Looking forward to the BB as this is my first post, and looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say (positive or negative) about my future contributions, as I will def. be posting remixes and comments quite often from now on. Once again, thanks for making my day and for everybody that emailed me a personal message. Game music forever!

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