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It Finally Happened: Keanu to Play Spike in Cowboy Bebop

The Damned

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I suppose I should have clarified (although I thought what I meant was obvious).

Yes, I realize that was what you meant. I was just taking the opportunity to mock people who get all butthurt about this sort of thing. If it sucks, oh well. It's not the end of the world. People get all upset about this sort of thing, as if a crappy live-action version will somehow diminish the awesome of the original.

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In the long scheme of things, do we reeaaally want something such as anime to become fully mainstream...? Somewhat off-topic, but I actually do hope it bombs. Lest hollywood actually succeeds in live action adaptations. then cause a good portion of the area/industry to eventually become lazy and emulate the shit that is hollywood now...

Especially there has not been one movie that made me really want to the theatre; except for maybe mall cop on account it looks like a parody to the first "Die Hard" movie to me. :lol:

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I really don't see the issue here all I hear is a bunch of babies who really have no idea how the movie is gonna turn out. With that bein said I kinda changed my mind on the dragon ball movie but they still coulda picked a way better goku than they did, so the decision to pick Keanu to play Spike isn't nearly as bad and I don't think Keanu will be that bad. One problem I DO see with it though is his monochromatic characteristics he seems to play this down in the dumps character with the same voice in every movie he plays let's hope he can fix that, but he certainly has the looks for a Spike though in my opinion.

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Keanu is OK for some roles, but Spike is a charismatic, subtly deep character, something Keanu has never really pulled off. Also, Spike is like 27, Keanu's almost 45. Spike practices Jeet Kune Do, and let's face it Keanu will never be that fluid or dynamic.

I'm hoping for a miracle, because that's really all we can do right now. Still if I'm casting for in the worst in the tradition of Hollywood I'd think it'd look like this:

Jett: Sylvestor Stallone

Fey: Paris Hilton

Ed: Shia LeBeouf

Ein: Gilbert Gottfried

Vicious: Ice Cube

Julia: Renee Zellweger

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