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Underrated Game Soundtracks


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Spider sounds like it has a sweet soundtrack. Also, the first track posted smacks of Robert Smith. Jazz Jackrabbit was also awesome. Good finds in this thread. Ys' soundtrack, however, might be widely unknown to the casual gamer but it surely isn't underrated. Kind of like Vagrant Story's (shameless plug for my remix request).

Silver Surfer, indeed. Follins take the underrated crown. In that vein: Sky Shark

EDIT: Man, four tracks on that soundtrack and they left off the best one.

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Both soundtracks from the Jazz Jackrabbit games have gotten far to little acclaim.

Quoted for emphasis.

Also does anyone know where you can get Jazz Jackrabbit? I tried once but couldn't find a working version for the life of me. I really really want to play it so anyone who knows where to find a compatible version let me know.

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One of the first remixes I ever downloaded from here was "Feena Flow" from Ys... and all these years later it's still the only Ys remix on here. Ys, for crying out loud!

Well, you can't say some of us haven't tried. It was a while ago though. Actually, I should do another soon.

Anyway, Dungeon Explorer II (5:20 and onward) -


Shadow of the Beast -


and Lords of Thunder -

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This is prolly underrated cause no one but me played this game, but I think that Afro Samurai had one of the best soundtracks in a long time. Track # 11 - Afro Fight Groove 4 is my favorite from the games stellar music line up. Sorry all I have is a Pirate Bay torrent link.


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A few more, this time from the Sega CD. Underrated in part because hardly anyone played the games...

Soul Star- A good synth-orchestral soundtrack.

Stellar Fire- Not sure where to classify it, but the music is quite cool.

Robo Aleste- A rock/disco/electronica/symphonic conglomeration that's enjoyable.

Android Assault- 80s Anime rock.

Lords of Thunder- Great Metal soundtrack.

Ecco the Dolphin- Atmospheric and rhythmic. If you're familiar with Pink Floydd's "Momentary Lapse of Reason" CD, you'll get a similar vibe at times.

Amazing Spiderman- A rather unexpected soundtrack given the game. 80s glam rock/hair metal from start to finish, and you might even recognize the singer on the opening track ;-)

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Didn't read through the rest of the thread, so I don't know if somebody else mentioned this yet. Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon for N64 (as well as pretty much any game from that series) has a pretty amazing soundtrack. The Castle themes are where the soundtrack shines IMO. I love how the songs start off simple and then start to build after you begin to progress through the castle. These are probably three of my favorites from it:

(this one shows the progression of the song through a stage)
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