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Let's post our to-do lists and motivate each other to get 'em done!

The Legendary Zoltan

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-Pwn my keyboard midterm.

-Finally get to 80 in WoW, runnin on 72, but I'm just so lazy.

-Beat the classic Resident Evils (everything before 4). I don't think I have the patience for this one.

-Perform low brow money making techniques to help raise money for RE5.

-Never apply at a carwash ever again.


  1. Do a barrel roll.


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1. Hook up my new subwoofer so I can have more floor space.

2. Drink less coffee.

3. Finish winning Mass Effect. (It's a big game)

4. Plant some vegetables this spring.

5. Do something productive for a change.

Edit: LuketheX actually made me vocally laugh in this thread with this big red text. I might have to actually accept him as a member or OCR.

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1. Become awesome animator.

2. Land awesome animator job.

For such a short list, it sure is taking a while. :<

If I were rich, I'd pay you to make sweet music videos for me. I have freakin' ideas man! How much WOULD it cost to do a 5 minute synchronized music video anyway? And what does your animation look like.

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A serious list, or a joke of a list... I'll do both!


-Finish my GRE

-Buy a new computer that isn't complete crap

-Get together a proper portfolio for others to listen to

-Get into a respectable grad program like USC

As a joke...

-Finish my GRE (lol)

-Buy a new computer that isn't complete crap (lol... it'll never happen)

-Get together a proper portfolio for others to listen to (lol again...)

-Get into a respectable grad program like USC (roflmao)

See? I'm a minimalist comedian!

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To do List:

Finish Buying components to build computer

Buy an iPod Classic

Get someone to build a layout for my site

Buy some sort of sampler.

Upgrade to FL8 XXL

Buy Kontakt 3 or whatever

New MIDI keyboard.

Download the masses of music, that are legally free, which is a longass list thanks to garian :P

Uhm.... I think thats it.

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My to do list involves doing all the studying and thumbnailing I need to do for a interrupted landscape in watercolor before Sunday when I have to drive back to school.

I really don't want to...the weather has been awesome but I just don't want to go outside. This semester has been so rough I just want to stay locked up in my room playing games, talk to my guy, and watch Bones.

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Man! Some of you guys have a shopping list for a to do list. Hahaha! That rocks. I wish that's what my list was like. I finished recording drums for my ZOLTAN Demo CD. Next is bass. It's not on the list but it's important. I also finished redoing my Xenogears rap for that guy whose name I can never remember and finished one of the hip hop songs I was working on. Strike those off the list! ^_^

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This helped a lot more than I thought it would. Number 7 in long term goals is kind of personal, but otherwise this is more or less everything I want to accomplish.


1) Finish graduation speech to audition tonight

2) Be comfortable enough singing "Ripple" for music auditions

3) Take notes for lighting ideas for play, submit them to Jim

4) Revise resume, apply for Application Developer job

5) Complete Networks programming

6) Complete Latin Sentences

7) Read ALife papers, APSC/ASC agenda

8) Catch up on fucking sleep

This week:

1) Write article for Dickinsonian, Square

2) Study for Networks Exam Thurs

3) Review & submit proposal for OLPC program

4) Do work on Senior project

5) Write/Give speech for Speech contest

6) Define ALife project

7) Pick up ticket for Girl Talk

8) Investigate possibility of lab show

Before May:

1) Ensure I'm on track to graduate

2) Figure out how best to balance work and socializing

3) Don't worry so much

4) Have a great rest of college

Long term:

1) Get a decent job that doesn't make me want to kill myself every night (Reapply to Teach for America?)

2) Actually sell all the crap I've been meaning/trying to sell (see sale/want)

3) Delve into digital art and programming (team with Harvestworks?):


-Animation: Maya, Flash, Toon Boom, etc.

-Final Cut/After Effects

-Music Software: Reason, Logic, Ableton, etc.

-Open-ended software: Max/MSP, ChucK, Pure Data, etc.

-Web Design: HTML, CSS, JS/AJAX, PHP, MYSQL, Semantic Web, etc.

-Application/Game Development: Mac, iPhone, Flash, XNA

-Teach at idTech Camp(?)

4) Learn Music:

-Improve with drums


-Others in this vein: Xylophone, organ, accordion(?)



-Submit works to OCR

-Create/Lead Album Project (?)

5) Do more writing, acting(?)

6) Improve Social Skills:

-Learn how to meet people in working world

-Learn how to not piss them off

-Maintain contact with old friends

-Gain girlfriend, learn to be in decent relationship, have sex

8) Physical activity and health:

-Visit Advanced Biostructural Correction doctor Dominick Fazzari - see if it works

-Work out, exercise, eat better

-Improve flexibility

-Improve with karate, get at least 2nd degree black belt

-Try hand at other activities: Yoga, Swimming, Fencing, Biking, etc.

9) Further Education:

-Do research into what kind of work makes me happy

-Apply to grad school in 2-4 years, hopefully when many above objectives have been accomplished

-Will hopefully be a different person then and much better able to handle workload than I can now

-Decide on Masters, PhD

10) Media Consumption: See more movies, read more books, play more games

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1. Make a research plan for my bachelor's thesis

2. Get a job, or at least money ;)

3. Sort out a few problems concerning studies

4. Finish up a couple of courses

5. Write a couple of game reviews/articles

6. Practice keyboards and vocals for band

7. Continue writing SoS crits

8. Start critiquing Boss Theme Project wips

9. Look at arranging a piece myself

10. Configure wordpress and plugins for a project that's been on hold far too long

11. Compose music for a game project

12. Practice guitar for yet another music project

13. Start getting familiar with the code of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup

14. Learn to use vim to help with that

15. Listen to all the OCR albums

I'm in a good mood enough to post this, instead of getting curshed by it all. This is good.


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This week

1. Finish senior thesis

2. Finish make-up work in Calculus

3. Think of a birthday present

4. Buy AP study guides

This Month

1. Figure out a way to release my EP that I've had finished for 2 weeks (I have a website but it can't take much bandwidth, plus my internet is really spotty so I can't do bittorrent).

2. Get 50% done with my next EP

3. Start on a live set so I can potentially play shows.

4. Finish EP my band made (got like, 3 or 4 songs our singer is recording tomorrow, need to track down some girl singers, and need to mix it all)

5. Finish my damn Super Metroid Remix (and potentially my Metroid Fusion one too)

Before Summer

1. Pass my AP tests (preferably with 4s or 5s)

2. Play a live show (even if opening)

3. Party

Before College

1. Clean out closet/buy new clothes/get new fitteds & kicks

2. Lose weight

3. Figure out how to shrink studio space

Things I got done are bolded, which isn't saying too much because my priorities keep changing as I've picked up playing Bass and guitar this month. I've also gotten remarkable amount of lyrics-writing done recently.

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