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Dagnabit, some on beat me to my list, oh well...

Ecco: Defender of The Future. Te music alone is worth the price of admission. One of Tim Follin's finest soundtracks.

Good choice of Sonic Adv. 1 and 2. I'd also say Power Stone 1 (maybe 2's better?), Marvel VS. Capcom, Crazy Taxi 1 or 2, NFL 2K (I think that was made by Sega if I'm not mistaken). Jet Set Radio, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 wasn't too bad, Spiderman, Rayman 2 (trust me, excellent game). Overall, most of the Capcom games are excellent on the system. That's just from what I've played, you may find that differently.

Can't think of any other games for it.

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Hm lets see. I still have my original dreamcast from my hihgh school days so lets see what I still have.

Power Stone 2 as mentioned was definitely fun.

I adore Project Justice (fighting game).

Oh and space channel 5 if you're into that kind of gaming :<

Most eveyrthing else people have already mentioned were alright too. D2 was fairly interesting.

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AirForce Delta (Flying)

Alien Front Online (3D Action)

Bangai-O (Shmup)

Border Down (Shmup) *

Capcom vs SNK (Fighting)

Daytona USA (Racing)

Dead or Alive 2 (Fighting)

Draconus: Cult of the Wyrm (3D Hack 'N Slash)

Ecco the Dolphin (3D Action Puzzler)

Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves (Fighting)

Giga Wing (Shmup)

Giga Wing 2 (Shmup)

Grandia II (RPG)

Gunbird 2 (Shmup)

Ikaruga (Shmup) *

Last Blade 2 (Fighting)

Last Hope (Shmup) **

Mars Matrix (Shmup)

Marvel vs Capcom (Fighting)

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (Fighting)

MDK 2 (3D Action)

Metropolis Street Racer (Racing)

Red Dog (3D Action)

Resident Evil 2 (Survival Horror)

Resident Evil 3 (Survival Horror)

Resident Evil: Code Veronica (Survival Horror)

Skies of Arcadia (RPG)

Soul Calibur (Fighting)

Street Fighter III: Double Impact (Fighting Compilation)

Street Fighter III: Third Strike (Fighting)

Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Fighting)

Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage (3D Hack 'N Slash)

Test Drive Le Mans (Racing)

Test Drive: V-Rally (Racing)

Under Defeat (Shmup) *

Wild Metal (3D Action)

Zero Gunner II (Shmup) *

*= Japanese import


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But that's okay, because the reason people love Skies of Arcadia anyway is its cheerful (non-angsting) characters and sheer atmosphere.

Not to say that Grandia II wouldn't be an excellent purchase though. Get that too.

It played a lot better on DC then on PS2 also ( Grandia II that is). The Coop really nailed a lot that I forgot. If I had my collection out I could have added more to this. Project Justice is a damned great fighting game. You can play that knowing almost nothing. Time to get my DC out before my move to Texas....

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Skies of Arcadia's battle system is poops. Grandia II's battle system is far more fun.

Made me cry that the PS2 version of Grandia II brought so much slowdown that it wasn't far more fun anymore. At least the GC version of Skies of Arcadia was a good port ;P

Also, get all shmups. ALL OF THEM!

Power Stone and Power Stone 2 are avaliable together on PSP if you enjoy the portable format more. Jet Set Radio Future is pure sex. The Shenmue-series are obviously awesome games too btw. You've already got Soul Calibur so that's good.. ehh.. otherwise I say get all shmups. ALL OF THEM! FIVE COPIES OF EACH EVER MADE!

(then donate the dreamcast and games to me please. thanks.)

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I liked Shenmue and Ikaruga for the Dreamcast.

I'm glad that someone out there shares my opinion about the Skies of Arcadia battle mode. I played it and it was ok but after a while I got tired of the battles. So I didn't make it more than like 5 hours or so in. Grandia 2 on the other hand was crazy fun the whole way through. I gave the fastest character all the fastest accessories and then she was running around the playing field at unbelievable speeds. Hahaha!

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Just seconding Toadofsky's recommendation for Rayman 2. It's an excellent game.

If you can find it, get Ikaruga. It's a little on the short side, but a great shmup.

I never did get around to finishing Grandia II (must do that soon, my Dreamcast hasn't had that much use in the past few months), but what I did play was pretty good.

If you have anyone to play them with, the Worms games are always fun.

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Capcom's fantastically fun (though slightly simple) giant robot fighter...



Okay, so it's just called "Tech Romancer" but I had scream it like the announcer guy does.

And I agree wholeheartedly with Shenmue.

I'd say Phantasy Star Online, which imo was Dreamcast's butter back in the day, but you can pretty much play that anywhere else with more features on other more recent systems.

Stay far away from Sonic Shuffle though. It's like Mario Party, except if you swapped Mario with Sonic, and you swapped the party with something more like a historical building tour by an octogenarian, clearly enthralled in the subject matter he rambles on about, while you quietly try to stay away awake to preserve his feelings.

Yeah. That really is the best way to put that one.

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Project Justice (2.5D fighter)

Tech Romancer (3D Giant mecha battle)

Bangai-O (unique 2D shooter)

Puyo Puyo 4 (best version of a great puzzle game series)

There are tons of others, especially if you like fighters or shooters.

Dreamcast also emulates NES and other older systems quite well.

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I'd say Phantasy Star Online, which imo was Dreamcast's butter back in the day, but you can pretty much play that anywhere else with more features on other more recent systems.

Not quite; Sega's dropped support for all servers on all systems for this game. Unless you're going to play on private servers, or are willing to "upgrade" to Phantasy Star Universe, you're stuck.

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