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I won't spoil it, but there's a whole "canonical reboot" idea they set up for the film. It probably isn't going to 100% perfect, though.

Nothing to spoil. It's an alternate timeline.

That really pisses me off too. The argument they make (aside from piggybacking on the name recognition) for going back to Kirk & Co. is that they are the best Trek and they want to recapture that magic. If you have changed those characters so much that you need an alternate timeline just to get away with it, then you're not recapturing anything. The magic was not just a bunch of names and places, but a unique blend of actors, directors, and writers that happened to come together and make something special.

If you really want to create a whole new character group using the Kirk/McCoy/Spock template, go right ahead. Just give them their own names and histories. If you want to update Star Trek to look like it could be from our future, then just skip ahead another 100 years from TNG/DS9/VOY and have a ball. Going forward keeps you from having to deal with all of the cannonical issues in the twisted ass backwards history of the Star Trek universe too.

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Alternate timeline? Man, this movie just keeps getting worse and worse. I completely agree with you Lotd2242 about the stupidity of "re-capturing the magic" through a retconn. The thing about Star Trek is that these continuity problems don't arise naturally, but they always make some dumbass decision that leaves fans scratching their heads (like the Data/B4 nonsense in Nemesis).

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Until this movie came out, I never heard of anyone complaining about Star Trek's cannon. Hell, the hardcore fans I'm sure enjoyed picking it apart. Plus, if you go forward in time, who cares? Then you have a whole new historical period to craft as you wish like TNG did without having to stomp all over what came before.

Also New Kirk is going to be like New Coke, a pathetic attempt at adjusting the formula to increase marketshare that results in an inferior product.

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Good to see that you've made up your mind before the movie's even come out. Now you won't have to waste your time going to see it before ripping it apart!

I am sure it will be a fine, entertaining movie. It just won't be Star Trek as anyone knows it.

Also, thanks to the various screenings that have occurred, the plot is fully available for anyone who wants to know, along with several full clips, so picking it apart is not entirely a blind affair.


The word you're all looking for is "canon," not "cannon."

A "cannon" is a mounted gun for firing heavy projectiles.

You're right. My mistake.

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The Star Trek cannon is bloated, and was built upon limited special effect technology. A reboot is not a bad idea.

(Plus I can't wait to hear the Kirk vs Kirk debates...)

Yeah because 40 years of time lord continuity can't be remembered and worked on and referenced without having to reboot the entire series oh wait

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Saw it tonight at an imax theater. First time doing that. I don't know anything about Star Trek, and I thought it was an amazing movie. We missed the first few minutes, and we had to stand for the whole thing haha(2 hours).

Which is why the overtly grouchy review by Ebert is just off the mark. It's probably going to make millions of Star Trek fans within the week. That's probably the entire reason why they made it. Unlike Ebert saying how good the old, nostalgic ways of filmmaking is, yadda yadda.

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Saw it last night.


I'm not a trekkie, having only seen Nemesis before. This movie was really terrific. It acts as a good introductory movie to the characters as well. The actors played their parts brilliantly, with the man who played young Spock being a standout for his performance. The cameos by Winona Ryder, Eric Bana, Leonard Nimoy and Jeniffer Morison were a good choice, allowing them to play the background characters and the new cast to step up to be the mains.

The actual stylistic choices of the movie were great, J. J. Abrams really knows what he's doing. There were great stylistic shots of the Romulan ship and Enterprise sillhouetted against the sun. The battle animations were great. The sound effects were quite awe-inspiring (The burst as the ships fired into warp speed could be felt right down my spine.)

There were some bad parts, mostly to do with the science behind the movie. It was really hard swallowing the blackhole mumbo jumbo, and watching the enterprise escape from a black hole's suction by means of explosives was really cheesy.

I'll watch it again though, I'd give it an 8.5/10 if I was really going to review it properly.

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