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Diablo 2 1.13 Patch possibly as soon as next week! Join us!


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Heh, me and Neko finally got 3 keys of each so we decided to give the mini-ubers a run (first time for us both). Shit was pretty hectic (especially the matron's den), but lifetap, treachery and crushing blow saved the day.

Probably going to tackle Uber Tristram tomorrow (or attempt to do so :P).

Did you guys ever do it, or what O_o

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Especially when Blizzard claimed "last week of April". :\

Reminds me of what EA did with their much promised 1.03 patch that was going to fix the many, many issues with the C&C: The First Decade compilation. That patch was "coming" for so long, that eventually users had to go and fix the things EA said they would, but never did.

This is patch is being done for different reasons obviously. But two months having gone by, and only a "we're working on it" comment from the company, made me think of the EA stuff. And thus ends my off topic comment.

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Need help with two things.

One, where can you buy CD keys for D2? I have my key for LoD but not for D2 and, although I will not likely play it again, I would like to get a cd key just so that I _could_ play it.

Two, why would anyone buy the physical copy of the game anymore? If you can just buy a cd key for 10 bucks and then register it to Blizzard's site, which lets you download the game for free...

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google g2play for cheap cd keys

I swear I've seen a spambot write something almost exactly the same on another forum once :lol:

Well, at least we know what's up the with patch. I haven't played Diablo II for a good while, and if this thing really does add all sorts of new aspects and tweaks, then perhaps I'll reinstall it and give it a whirl.

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