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OCR01874 - Live A Live "Giant Robot Bonanza"


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Something sound a little like Mega Man, dunno if it's the arrangement, the melodies, or just that I'm associating this kind of music with MM. Kind'a short, but better too short than too long. 1:58 is probably my fav part of it. Just what happened at 0:50?

I'd say this is your best so far, at least my favorite... so far. It's got loads of energy and drive, a great non-stop rocking remix. Awesome work, dude.

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Thanks a lot for the ReMix, I've been waiting for a Live-A-Live ReMix since I got to know this site (not much time, unfortunately). I couldn't believe when I saw that no one had ReMixed it before, it have such a great soundtrack.

Hoping to see a LaL ReMixing project.

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Nice gallops and though some of the harmonized leads aren't as rhythmically tight as I think they should be, this is definitely rocking out. Transitions and fills are nice, and production is clean.

In your face drums and live bass make this track extra driving. Good stuff, nice work dude. :-)

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This one doesn't feel as intensely loud as Polar Star Overdrive but it matches it in pure energy. The guitar solo is hit or miss at parts, but when it's a hit, it's REALLY good!

This one's short as hell but I think you get the point across nicely in 2 and a half minutes ;-) Absolutely no filler here!

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