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You know, I wonder if the current judge's standards and the rules would allow a remix of an existing remix... There are some that could be really interesting that way.

We've already accepted at least 2 ReMixes of ReMixes. Section 6, part 5 of the standards says "Submissions that are revisions or new versions of existing, posted ReMixes will only be evaluated as additions, not as replacements, and must be substantially different. Revisions are not encouraged and may be held to higher standards."

Something like this mashup that relies on the direct sampling of original audio (like a traditional remix) would be rejected.

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Also on the subject of remixes of a remix, Chrono Trigger 'the incredible singing analoq' remix of OCReMix Chrono Trigger 'TheIncredibleSingingRobot'

There is also sephfire's "Under a New Moon", which is a ReMix of Fatty Acid's "Under a Full Moon." I also have that remix of pixietricks' "Dreaming Still" that I doubt will ever get finished. :<

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