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Nice Marriage Andy & Jill! (Pics posted)


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Hm... how come the Facebook album redirects me to the Facebook home page when I try to view it? Do I need to befriend someone in order to view the album? :\

I'm having the same problem. Nice pictures, once again congrats.

Edit: Cancel that first statement, I used the link at the top and that one seems to work.

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Nice photos, can someone possibly tell me what camera was used to take these and the lens/es?
He used a Pentax system. I'm not too familiar with them, but it looked like either a K200D or a K20D body. I noticed a couple of different lenses, but he seemed to favor a fixed 50mm/1.4 lens (not sure who made it). I saw him take the wedding rings shot with that lens.
Oops, no - not yet. I haven't gotten around to going through all the footage. Still working on the photo album, to be honest. So much to dooo!
Oh yeah, I've been looking forward to those. We can't let it fall too far behind! Let me know if you want any help with simple tedious stuff like slicing the footage into individual performances.
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