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What is the next project?


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I think it's either mine or Prophet's, really, Both are fairly far along. But he has bLiNd doing a track, whereas I do not. That really has nothing to do with progress, I just wanted to mention how I totally ate Prophet now.

That's right, Mr. Mephisto. I wish you harm now...

That, or that it's an even tie with the five or so other projects. Really, there are so many going on nowadays, it's hard to keep track of them.

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Milky Way Wishes is still around isn't it?

Arek told me something was still going on with it. I'm not sure I believe him, though. :-P

With any luck, the release schedule just might look like this: Xenogears, DKC2, Follin, Super Dodge Ball, Link's Awakening, Pokemon, Mega Man 9, Super Mario 64 (The order of the last five may change). Needless to say, got a lot of stuff lined up.

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He didn't ask when the next one is.

He asked WHAT the next one is.

I don't know what projects are next but I do hope someone steps up for Metroid Prime or an Ace Attorney soundtrack.

Metroid has been done twice here.


and I don't care if it's official, Reserve Tank is an album made by the OCR community.


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