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Heroes of Newerth

Capa Langley

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Some of us on IRC have been giving this game a try and so far we all love it. The game is still in beta as of right now, but it is still rather polished. This game is basically DotA from WC3, only as a standalone game. Visit the link below to read more about it.


A guide for new players:


Current list of active players from OCR:




Another Soundscape








Anso's roomie C3lly









Dr. Tran





My uncle and myself

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i love the game but i need a lot more practice, i usually have no idea on what to buy and often forget to use my spells against enemy heroes. also guys don't forget the NDA, etc etc. :\

Me too garian, after Wes got all butthurt. The next couple of games I started to get the hang of it. But yeah, BUY THIS GAME. So worth it.

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I'm surprised to see a thread about this here, though I don't know why.

This game can be pretty fun, though I tend to get frustrated when I always play against the same imba chars lol.

I haven't been playing recently, in hopes that they will balance things some more. Maybe I'll play one now.

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Yeah about the NDA, that basically means we can't really talk about heroes and game mechanics and stuff in this thread?


"All participants in the HoN beta test now have express permission from S2 Games to communicate and discuss Heroes of Newerth publicly. This includes forum discussions and talking to friends and family. Our embargo on media relating to HoN (videos, screenshots) is still in full effect and we'd kindly ask our testers not to disclose any game related media to those not actively in the Heroes of Newerth Beta."

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Well, I guess I'll just post this then (news about the next update):

I wanted to throw out another update of things we're currently working on:

1.) Spectator / Replay Interface: This is an interface specific to spectating or watching a replay. It will have more information and options to expand & collapse lots of detailed information panels.

2.) Practice Mode: The ability to locally create a game on any map, play as any hero, give gold, give experience, spawn other heroes and units, change heroes, etc... This change will allow you to experiment in the game and test maps (when you get the editor ) This will also disallow single player games on remote servers which will increase our server capacity.

3.) Chat Server Scalability: We've just recently streamlined the Chat Server's speed and CPU usage and are working on making it fully scalable. This is the last piece of the puzzle for system wide scalability.

4.) New Heroes: We will continue to push out new heroes. Here is a list of the next group of heroes we're working on.

(a) Maliken: New strength Hellbourne hero

(B) Andromeda: Vengeful Spirit port

© Sand Wraith: Mercurial (Spectre) port

(d) Panda dude: New hero based on a panda (we had to do it guys!)

(e) Diseased Rider: Lich port

We will also be working on other polishes, tweaks, balances, mechanics (game pausing), etc... while the rest of this is going on.

Can't wait for the pandabear guy!

Either way, last game we played was the best one so far IMO, teams seemed quite balanced for most of the time and nearly all of us got up to level 25 with some crazy teambattles.

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