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Philly Meetup/BBQ - pics posted!

Jillian Aversa

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When: Saturday, September 19th - Noon

Where: Our apartment: 1030 E Lancaster Ave, Bryn Mawr, PA. It's in a big apartment building (10 stories) called Radnor House, and it will be on your left up a hill/driveway if you're going WEST on Lancaster. If you're taking public transportation, first get to 30th St Station, Philadelphia (buses, Amtrak and NJ Transit all go there.) Then, take the Septa R5 Westbound toward Paoli/Thorndale. A round-trip ticket should be about $6.50. Make sure you are taking a LOCAL train, not express! You will want to get off at Rosemont. The folks who arrived at our apartment building by car will all walk with us to Rosemont station to pick up everyone else (it's only a few blocks away.)

What: It's that time again! Andy and I moved into a new apartment shortly before getting married, and now we want to break it in... with an OCR meetup. :<

At our new place, we have an Xbox 360 (with HD ReMix, SFIV, BlazBlue, etc.), Wii, board & card games, phat beats, and of course, a huge outdoor patio with a bunch of grills. So, plenty to do just hanging out here! There's also a bowling alley not too far from us, the same place we went as a group during last year's Philly meetup. We thought that was pretty fun, so we can always do it again.

Who's Coming:



Brushfire & wife

Xenon Odyssey


José the Bronx Rican




D-Lux & gf

Moguta & gf

Harmony & bro



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I'm gonna say no on this one... but there's a small possibility I might be able to, since I get paid the day before and I could make the drive. Hm. I'll look into it.

Edit: Never mind. I thought there was a possibility, then I realized the 10 hours it would take to get there. Not on short notice, unfortunately. When I have a bit of cash saved up, I'd consider flying out to do it. (I'm in Michigan... :()

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Oohh, I don't want to miss this again :( If I come can I bring my brother?

Absolutely! We'd love to have you and your bro. Is he a nerd too? :<

I might come. Depends if I can get off. I like ulitmate frisbee despite the fact that i suck at it lol

And if i do come I'll bring chocolate zucchini cake :D

Hooray :) I dunno about that zucchini cake though.... :tomatoface:

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I just want to comment in a genuine tone that I've never seen a web community this large that is so open to inviting such a mass of total strangers worldwide and be this serious on attending.

It blows my mind. I won't even let my mom into my apartment and you'd take in any lout from the internet who could conceivably get there for a big party. Even me if I knew how to drive cross-country.

Its frightening and awesome at the same time. Wow. :)

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Google Maps tells me I will have to drive 4361km (thats 2710 miles) to make that party. If I leave tomorrow....lol. Geez! Soooooo far away! :sad: I am pretty sure nobody on OCR lives farther north than I do, at least in North America anyway. That will be a wicked party, would have loved to be there, maybe someday I'll make it to a meetup of some sort somewhere. Probably PAX next year...

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