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Most underrated videogame OST's

John Revoredo

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Which are the most underrated videogame soundtracks?

Here are my picks:

One Must Fall 2097

Easy combos made this game suitable even for 2d-fighting-games-suckers like me. A techno soundtrack that really "worked" was something weird back in mid 90's, so if you like that old techno flavour, this is for you.

Jazz Jackrabbit

It was fun trying to jump on turtles and realizing jumps don't do shit. LOL. The soundtrack featured good synthesizers: the sound was (and still is) great .The soundtrack is out there on youtube.

Alpha Waves (a.k.a. Continuum)

Probably one of the earliest 3d games, and a really hard one!. I remember playing this one only for the music... mostly because i sucked at it!.

Persona (series)

Haven't seen too much remix-community love about this game, despite being a really famous title. Not much to say that hasn't been said already.

Cold Dreams


A rather unknow title which features an astounding soundtrack. I couldn't find any youtube videos, so there's a link for you to download it in case you're curious(you'll need a dos emulator).

Sky Roads

An old gem, featuring a very distinct and innovative gameplay style: You must race through different "roads" in space, avoiding obstacle, in a 3rd person perspective, and using real 3d for the backgrounds (so i'm not talking about mode 7).

The soundtrack is brilliant, so be sure to check it out.

And that's all for now!. I'm curious to hear your picks.

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Hmmm... I feel like OMF2097, Jazz Jackrabbit, and the Persona series are all pretty well known and respected, actually...

I evangelize this game and its soundtrack all the time:

Jeanne D'Arc (PSP)


And of course, I ReMixed Socket specifically because it's got badass music that doesn't get enough attention:


Crush (PSP)

Brilliant OST on this one:

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Master of Monsters (Genesis)- A lot of people don't even know this game exists. It came and went so quickly during the period when everyone was hyped about Sonic the Hedgehog, Streets of Rage and OutRun, that it just got passed over (and it's not even Jewish :<).

The music was produced by Koichi Sugiyama of Dragon Quest fame, and made by Hayato Matsuo (Shenmue II and Final Fantasy XII among others) and Hitoshi Sakimoto (Devilish and Bloody Roar among many others), so it had the musical backing. And the end result was fantastic. Sadly, there aren't many YouTube videos for it, but there is one for the title screen...

... and this video that unfortunately cuts off one of the longer songs before it's done, and doesn't feature all the music...


I just had a review for this game posted on Sega-16 if anyone's interested on reading up on it.

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(totally agree with Muramasa, there are a few tracks that really are memorable. I guess not too many people played it though)

I'm in love with the following soundtracks:

Phantasy Star Online Episode 3: C.A.R.D. Revolution (Gamecube)-

Some of the orchestra tunes stick with me to this day. I know to most it's the bastard child of the Phantasy Star series, but the music was fantastic and memorable. To this day I enjoy the soundtrack immensely. Then again, I was also one of those people that enjoyed the game (not as much as PSO, but it was a fun diversion).

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin (Nintendo DS) -

For a DS title especially, these tunes kick ass. The entire soundtrack is stellar.

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I would go with:

Baten Kaitos (both games in the series) for Nintendo GameCube. Both games never really made it in Europe, in fact, Origins wasn't even released here. I don't think a lot of people know this game.

Though the quality of the music tracks could be better (or maybe it's just my TV set), the tracks themselve are really something in my opinion :)

And also:

That one Power Rangers game for the SNES :D It has some sweet tracks. There should be a remix somewhere in the WIP forums too.

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The only two songs I could find good versions of from the Sega CD game, Soul Star. Just being on the Sega CD means it didn't get a wide audience, and seeing as the game wasn't exactly pushed hard marketing-wise... well, I believe it qualifies as not only being underrated, but not well known to boot. It's a great synth-orchestral soundtrack that could use some lovin'.

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One Must Fall 2097

After listening I agree. Good link. I gotta mention One Must Fall (And You Must Dance) OCReMix here, courtesy of DigiE because it is one of my favorite on the site.

Sidebar, I remembered that OCReMix as being credited to Section III Studios. What's the deal with that, was that something DigiE was involved with?


I was wondering if you'd have posted this. Of course.


Lunar and Lunar 2 (Playstation, Working Designs)


theme When I was like 8 I used to go around all the computers at the highschool and start this game on all of them, till the room was filled with so much noise. :tomatoface:

Armored Core (Playstation)

EXTREME-G (forget 2 and 3)

Little Nemo (NES)

I will also mention Bloody Wolf on behalf of F4T4L.

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I know that everyone and their grandmother is familiar with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time, and the music therein. However, I've always been partial to the Genesis version of those songs in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Hyperstone Heist. Something about the synths and such that just felt more fitting, and give it a harder edge. But since it gets bashed a lot and called a TIT (*chuckle*) knock-off, the game and its music just get pushed aside. So, here's a little sample of the Genesis take on those tunes...

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One of Jeremy Soule's first. A fine game with a great score that was sadly brushed aside by Blizzard and their epic StarCraft franchise.

This is probably my favorite piece from the game.


was a complete redo of TA by the same team (as is obvious from the intro) and has had more attention and is getting a sequel, but it's still not given the recognition it deserves.

Here's a clearer version of the SC theme.

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' date=' One of Jeremy Soule's first. A fine game with a great score that was sadly brushed aside by Blizzard and their epic StarCraft franchise.[/quote']

I am not crazy about TA's music, it is good of course but not my favorite; but you are so very right to say it is a fine game.

Final fantasy tactics.

Though, maybe it's well respected and I'm just haven't noticed.

FFT featured a wonderful soundrack, which suprisingly has only been covered by 2 OCReMixes! Both are quite good, especially In Mem'ry of Sir Anthony, courtesy of Disciple of the Mix.

F4T4L also showed me a few tracks from Soldier Blade, which I favorited immediately. I think this is more a case of the TG-16 being underrated than the actual music, cause these are some smokin tracks.

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