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Merry Christmas OCR!

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Still Christmas Eve here as well. Preparing for big Christmas celebrations tonight and tomorrow. Tonight, my extended family will gather around the piano (which is right next to the tree) and sing christmas carols together, after which my grandfather (if he's coherent enough) will read "The Night Before Christmas." And tomorrow morning, we'll all exchange gifts, like we do every year.

I should perhaps mention that this group consists of six jews, eleven agnosts/atheists, and zero christians.

Anyway, may you all thoroughly enjoy your holiday of choice.

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speaking of Christmas... Does anyone have the old remix "NES Christmas 2000" by tacoriffic?






I also have the night Bowser stole Xmas but I need to find a site that allows a larger file upload limit.. for free

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'Twas the night before Christmas

and all through the site,

posters sat quiet in

their monitor's light.

Time was almost up.

The big day was near.

And posters waited

to get their new gear.

Games, books, and movies

were sure to be had.

Some will be quite grand.

Others will be bad.

Clothing of course is

sure to be there to.

Probably underwear,

but what can you do?

Trinkets and bobbles

and some bricabrac.

And surely some stuff

that we'll take right back.

As fun as that is

it pales in contrast,

to spending time with

people from our past.

Friends that we enjoy,

and loved family.

We'll talk, smile and laugh

by a Christmas tree.

And when the night ends,

we'll be of good cheer.

Some cuz they're happy...

some cuz of the beer.

But either way spirits

will be running high,

as we all wait for

that jolly fat guy.

So to OCR

I raise up my glass.

Happy Hanukkah,

and Merry Christmas.

I hope you all have

a wonderful night.

And that Christmas day

for you will be bright.

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