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Mega Man X series: Maverick Rising - History


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We wait!

Mega Man X

Title (claimed by Metal Man)

Opening Stage (claimed by Dominic Ninmark)

Vile (claimed by bLiNd)

Zero's Theme (claimed by Avaris, Level 99)

Armored Armadillo (claimed by The OverClocked Plaid Muffins)

Armored Armadillo/The Skiver (medley) (claimed by WillRock)

Stage Select/Boss Intro/Chill Penguin/Boss 1/Boss 2/Get a Weapon/Password (medley) (claimed by Metal Man)

Sting Chameleon (claimed by Vurez)

Sting Chameleon (claimed by Brandon Strader)

Boomer Kuwanger (claimed by Washudoll)

Spark Mandrill (claimed by Ergosonic)

Storm Eagle (claimed by The Dual Dragons)

Dr. Light (X1), Dr. Light (X2), & Get a Weapon (X1) (medley) (claimed by Cerrax)

Sigma Stage 1 (claimed by The Dual Dragons)

Sigma Stage 4 (claimed by bLiNd)

Ending (claimed by Cyril the Wolf & Harmony)

Cast Roll (X1)/Cast Roll (X3) (medley) (claimed by Dominic Ninmark)

Mega Man X2

Morph Moth (claimed by Protricity)

Bubble Crab (claimed by Monobrow)

Flame Stag (claimed by Skummel Maske)

Magna Centipede (claimed by Washudoll)

Overdrive Ostrich (claimed by Vurez)

Crystal Snail (claimed by Vurez)

Wheel Gator (claimed by k-wix)

X-Hunter Stage 1 (claimed by Dominic Ninmark)

Mega Man X3

Opening (claimed by Cyril the Wolf)

Opening Stage (claimed by WillRock)

Blast Hornet (claimed by Joshua Morse)

Gravity Beetle (claimed by Cyril the Wolf ft. Brandon Snell)

Gravity Beetle (claimed by Jewbei)

Crush Crawfish (claimed by Devastus)

Blizzard Buffalo (claimed by Level 99 & Hemophilliac)

Blizzard Buffalo (claimed by ansgaros)

Blizzard Buffalo (X3)/The Skiver (X5) (medley) (claimed by WillRock)

Tunnel Rhino (claimed by zyko)

Boss Intro/Boss/Doppler Boss (claimed by Cyril the Wolf, Brandon Snell)

Mega Man X4

Opening Stage X (claimed by The Dual Dragons)

Opening Stage X & Stage Select (medley) (claimed by BONKERS) (bonus!)

Opening Stage Zero (claimed by BONKERS)

Cyber Peacock/Slash Beast (medley) (claimed by prophetik)

Frost Walrus (Stage 1 & Stage 2) (medley) (claimed by rexxz)

Dr. Light (X4) & Dr. Light (X5) (medley) (claimed by BONKERS)

Final Weapon Stage 1 (claimed by Gario)

Mega Man X5

Opening Stage X (claimed by Fishy)

The Skiver (X5)/Metal Shark Player (X6) (medley) (claimed by WillRock)

Duff McWhalen/Bubble Crab (claimed by Krow)

Axle the Red (claimed by Krow)

Zero Stage 1 (claimed by DJ SymBiotiX)

Zero Stage 2 (claimed by Diggi Dis)

X vs. Zero (claimed by Dr. Manhattan)

Ending (claimed by melody)

Mega Man X6

Commander Yammark (claimed by halc)

Infinity Mijinion (X6)/Opening Stage X (X4) (medley) (claimed by Chuck Dietz)

Infinity Mijinion (X6)/The Skiver (X5) (medley) (claimed by WillRock)

Metal Shark Player (X6)/The Skiver (X5) (claimed by Devastus)

Mega Man X7

Our Blood Boils (claimed by prophetik)

Mega Man X8

Primrose (claimed by M-H)

VS Lumine ~ The First Form (claimed by Torzelan)

VS Lumine ~ The Second Form (claimed by Sixto)

Maverick Hunter X

Opening Stage Vile (claimed by zyko)

Mega Man Zero 4 (bonus track!)

Esperanto (claimed by melody)

Red means the track is claimed, but no WIP shown yet.

Green means the track is claimed & a rough WIP has been shown.

Purple means the track is claimed & a WIP with good progress has been shown.

Orange means the track is claimed & a substantial WIP has been shown.

Magenta means the track is claimed & almost complete - final wav gladly taken whenever the artist feels ready.

Blue means the track has a finished wav in my hands - strive for the blue!

Edit: Forums here! http://kngi.org/phpbb3/viewforum.php?f=51 - register and let me know so I can give you full access

Edit #2: I should add this - I want the tracks on this project to be full of imagery of stuff that you'd expect to see in a Mega Man X series game. I want a clear direction that the songs take listeners in, and constant feedback with me and other comrades on board. Talk with me in IRC, PMs, AIM, Google Talk, etc. if you're confused somewhat by this, but I'm going to be somewhat of a stickler here about this.

Edit #3: IRC channel - check the project forums!

Edit #4: Preview! http://bahamutwc.com/Files/MRPreview.mp3

Edit #5: Preview #2! http://bahamutwc.com/Files/MRPreview2.mp3

Edit #6: Preview #3: http://bahamutwc.com/Files/MRFinalPreview.mp3

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Wow' date=' I can't wait for this.

The X series needed more OCR love. I was a bit worried reading that it's all encompassing, but the SNES games are getting the bulk of the remixing, so I'm happy.

Good luck and have fun guys![/quote']

Well, it all depends on what people want to do - it's about what the song they want to rearrange.

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Wow, weird that MMX is the mascot as I'm typing this.

Can I get a pseudo hold on the Mavrick Stage 1-2 from X2? Really confusing to read this, I know, but I just want to get my idea out to Bahamut before it gets claimed.

Which one do you mean? X Hunter Stage 1? I have no problems with multiples btw, as the Blizzard Buffalo track is an indication.

I had an idea that would incorporate the Dr. Light/Capsule theme from X1 and X2 with the Title Screen from X1.

I guess I'm asking to claim the X1 Title Screen but I do want to use the X1/X2 Dr. Light Theme in the mix.

Can you link me to some of your work again?

By the way, if you guys need forums, you know who to ask.

Actually, I was going to ask you ha!

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Overdue and damned welcomed to see. I cant wait to see what comes out of this.

Anyone involved in 4 however might want to look into singers; Pixietricks especially in this case. That was i believe the first opening sequence to go vocal and i'm relatively certain the FMV's have vocals as well.

Pixietricks has done dual language songs before =)

Either way i cant wait to see what develops this sounds massive. Might even be bigger than VOTL.

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I'm mainly interested in those who love the X series music as much as I do on board - I take it most who are on do love the music that much, so I don't really see it as an issue. I did ask a lot of people a few months back, and of course got rockers interested (definitely tapped into shizzies, and probably will be asking more).

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